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Steam Launch is Still On Tap for Spring

Chad "Pappylicious" Moore has stated on the WildStar Reddit that the planned release of the game on Steam is still in the works for this Spring. This is good news for fans, though we have yet to hear more from Carbine about further plans.

Up to 60 Carbine Devs Laid Off, Port to China Canceled

More than a few Carbine developers have posted to Twitter that they have been given notice and are no longer working for the company. There is also a post on the WildStar forums that indicates that the company has undergone a reoganization and that the studio will be focused on operating and updating the live game in the US and EU and have cancelled plans to release the game in China. As a result, staff reductions have been put into place.

Arcterra Patch Previewed in New Community Made Video

Carbine Studios has sent out a link to a new video produced by a community member that shows off some of the new content that players will encounter when the Arcterra update goes live in the near future. Check it out!

Brett Scheinert, Dungeon & Raid Lead, Departs Carbine

WildStar Dungeon and Raid Lead Brett Scheinert has announced via his personal Twitter account that he is no longer working at Carbine Studios. A second tweet revealed that he is not able to discuss the particulars of his departure and we will keep you posted as the story develops.

Dev Team Takes on Player Questions

The WildStar site has had its Lormageddon page updated with a plethora of player questions and developer responses to them. Topics include Science, Faction, NPCs, Player Races, Alien Races, Arts & Culture and History. According to the first post, the answers come in at a cool three thousand words and are tailored for those who love to know the inner-workings of the worlds in which they play.

Signature Subscribers Get a Massive Omnibit Drop Increase

Carbine has announced that Wildstar Signature Members will be seeing a significant increase to the amount of omnibits dropping in the game. From now on, the weekly cap for omnibits has increased and the drop rate is now +200%.

The Arcterra Assessment

Destination: Arcterra hits WildStar’s test realm, bringing a new zone, new story, and shiny new rewards. We tooled up columnist Gareth Harmer with a scarf and gloves, before sending him on a trip to this wintery wasteland.

PvP Players Headed to PvE Servers

The latest State of PvP note has been posted on the WildStar site that informs players of some significant changes coming to the game. Beginning on March 16th, all players will be merging to PvE servers to foster a more vibrant community for all players, PvP players included.

Exploring the Frigid Unknown in Arcterra

A new developer blog penned by Senior Story Designer Gary Astleford has been published on the WildStar site to give players an in-depth look at Arcterra, the newest zone headed to the game soon. Arcterra will feature deep lore and two new factions, Operation: White Storm for Dominion or The Arcterra Expedition for Exile. In addition, there are dynamic events running nearly constantly across the zone that can include any number of activities to complete.

What Does the Future Hold? More Content Says Chad Moore

WildStar's Chad Moore has penned the latest State of the Game letter on the official site, the first since the announcement regarding the game's move to Steam. Moore first announces that he is now the Game Director on WildStar and is the man in charge of leading the game into the future.

Dungeon Chase to Kick Off February 10th

WildStar players hoping to score some awesome loot will want to check out the Dungeon Chase that is set to begin on February 10th and run through February 18th. Completing dungeons will see players earn "Small Game Scraps" that can be exchanged for "Big Game Bucks" used to buy limited tim housing plot decor.

Toric Antevian & Myala Everstar Profiled in Enemies & Allies

The latest Enemies & Allies article has been published on the WildStar site, this time starring the leaders of the Dominion and Exiles, Commander Toric Antevian and Queen Myala Everstar.

Heading to Steam... and Arcterra!

Yes, WildStar is coming to Steam in the first half of 2016…but wait there is more! Okay, now that we have the Steam thing out of the way, what the heck is going on with WildStar?

Alleged Former Employees Describe Flawed Development

The bad news for WildStar keeps piling in. Following on from news of an atrocious financial forecast from Korean investment firm KDB Daewoo Securities, alleged former employees of Carbine Studios have been recounting their own experiences in a NeoGAF thread, including accusations of inexperienced management and significantly flawed development procedures.

Death or Rebirth?

Are we witnessing the slow death spiral of WildStar, or the start of a new beginning? In this week’s column, Gareth Harmer chimes in with his opinion.