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Protobucks Currency Introduced & NCSoft Financials

According to the Q1 2016 NCSoft investor report, Carbine's WildStar is still struggling to find its footing and niche. Earnings for the game were down sharply in comparison to other titles in the company's stable.

Vault of the Archon Goes Live, New Signature Benefits Too

Carbine has announced that the Vault of the Archon update for WildStar has gone live. The patch brings a new tutorial online, a new adventure to find the Vault, and the new Welcome Window to guide players with activities to do when logging in or a peek ahead at what can be done the next time they arrive in game.

New Race / Class Combos Announced

Carbine Studios recently solicited feedback from the community regarding race / class combinations. This past Friday the team announced several new choices for WildStar players.

Vault of the Archon to Launch on May 4th

Carbine Studios has announced that the next WildStar update will be launching on May 4th. Players will be able to take part in the Vault of the Archon, a harsh unforgiving location that can only be traversed with the assistance of Bloodhearth Trees along the way.

Steam Page Opens, Dev FAQ Published

While we still don't have a release date for the Steam version of Wildstar, the portal page has been published. Of particular interest is a developer FAQ that is now live on the community hub. You can find out how to make an account, whether or not you will have to re-download the client (yes) and whether or not Steam and desktop can adventure together (yes).

Some Faction Barriers Dropping + Race/Class Combos

The first and second WildStar DevConnect events have wrapped up and thanks to a fruitful discussion between Carbine and players, some new changes are coming with regard to the faction wall as well as to new race / class combos.

Destination - Arcterra Review

WildStar’s latest content update – Destination: Arcterra, has just launched on live servers. We asked columnist Gareth Harmer to pull on his cold-weather gear and review the bleak new continent.

Focus Test Invites Players to Test New Tutorial Zones

Dominion and Exile players are being invited to head to the WildStar PTR to help test out and provide feedback on the new tutorial zones. As reward for the effort, testers will receive a brand new Junkyard Dog hoverboard that will be rewarded when the tutorial is released onto live servers.

Arcterra Q&A - April 1, 2016

Chad "Pappy" Moore and DD "Sunshine" Hollis take your Destination Arcterra questions live, and show off some of the newest group content.

Arcterra Content Expansion Released

NCSoft and Carbine have announced that the newest WildStar content expanions, Arcterra, is now live. Players will take off to the frozen wastes to take on new adventures, quests, monsters and more.

Destination Arcterra Coming March 30th

WildStar players will have a large new zone to check out come Wednesday, March 30th and the arrival of the Destination Arcterra content expansion. Players will be facing off against a frozen tundra packed with underground caves, frozen ruins and icy enemies. Check out the teaser trailer below and let us know what you think!

New 'Jumpstart Pack' Arrives Stuffed with Great Goodies

The WildStar store has a fantastic new 'jumpstart pack' that is stuffed with all sorts of neat items for new players including a 16-slot back, a hoverboard, early housing plot access, XP boost potion and more.

Hoverboard ZPrix Invitational Returns

Players looking for a new experience will want to check out the return of the WildStar event called Hoverboard ZPrix Invitational. The event is currently running and will last until Thursday, March 24th at 10:00 am. During the event players can score limited time rewards.

The Long Kiss Goodnight

Does WildStar have a future? And if it does, what does it look like? Following recent announcements, columnist Gareth Harmer examines the possibilities.

Pappy Speaks - This is Not the End

Chad "Pappylicious" Moore has posted a short, but meaningful, post on the WildStar forum. Most crucially, he writes, "This is not the end for WildStar."