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WildStar Articles

Heroes Evolved Update to be Deployed Today

WildStar servers will be brought down today to bring the Heroes Evolved Update into the game. Heroes Evolved brings a number of nifty improvements and features into the game including instant level 50 characters, multi-queuing, cross faction instances, Chua Warriors, Aurin Engineers, race / gender swapping, Path Master and account-wide currencies.

Heroes Evolved Update to Bring New Race/Class Combos & More

The WildStar site has been updated with a big new (and exciting) post by Chad Moore that lays out the first details about the Heroes Evolved update that has now landed on the PTR. Heroes Evolved is going to bring some big, big and very welcome changes to WildStar.

Character Boost Functionality Coming in Next Update

Carbine has announced that Character Boosts will be coming to WildStar beginning with the next update to the PTR. When Heroes Evolved hits PTR, players will be able to check out the zero to 50 level boost that will come complete with full gear and consumables, a race-specific mount and Platinum to get things rolling.

Group Up During the Nexus with Friends Event

Carbine has published a brief but interesting post on the Wildstar site that reveals how much more fun it is for players to roam the game in groups. During the 'Nexus with Friends' event, players who group up and complete multiplayer PvE events can earn double Renown. This boon to Renown gains can be earned in expeditions, adventures and dungeons.

Making the Game More Alt-Friendly

After the recent WildStar DevConnect, the team took away one particular area where players would like to see more improvement: Growing alts. As a result, Carbine is hoping to make WildStar become more alt-friendly through a number of changes coming to account-wide systems.

Today’s the Day – Steam Launch Go

WildStar is one of the most well-rounded and feature complete theme park MMORPGs in years. Love it or dismiss it, there’s no arguing that it’s had a rocky road since launch. Despite critical praise, a loyal and even rabid (or jabbit?) fanbase, Carbine’s MMORPG hasn’t been able to really keep up a decent population. But that could change today, as WildStar hits Steam. Will Nexus be saved by Valve’s storefront the same way TERA and other MMOs have been?

Steam Launch Day Finally Arrives

Carbine has sent word that WildStar has officially, and at last, launched on Steam. Players will have all available content including the recently released Vault of the Archon.

Steam Launch on June 9th!

It's Official, Carbine Studios WildStar is launching on Steam June 9th! Read on for the full details.

New IP Verification

WildStar announces a new verification for your IP address today. Set up as a safety measure before you enter the Nexus. This will help ensure that all players are well protected.

Expected to Hit Steam in the Next Couple Weeks

The WildStar forum has been updated with the news that the team has been hard at work preparing the game for its Steam release. According to the post, WildStar is expected to go live in the 'next couple of weeks' after a few additional tweaks and changes are implemented.

Starfall Festival Begins, Continues Throughout the Month

WildStar players can take part in the Starfall Celebration that kicked off on June 1st and will continue through the entire month. Each faction has its own take on the event with Exiles celebrating the founding of their new home and Dominion taking a more spiritual route focused on destiny.

Steam Page Reveals June 1st Release, Though Unconfirmed

The WildStar Steam page has been updated from "coming soon" to Available: June 1st. This is fantastic news for the struggling title as a Steam release has the potential to bring big numbers of players.

Lead Writer Cory Herndon Leaves Carbine

Hot on the heels of Friday's news that Mike Donatelli and Chris Behrens had left Carbine, today reveals that WildStar lead writer Cory J. Herndon has also exited the studio. Herndon revealed his departure via Twitter.

NCSoft Earnings Report - WildStar Ever Nearer The End

So it turns out that MMOs can still make a lot of money. Who’d have thought it? After the release of the NCSoft Earnings Report for the first quarter of 2016, it seems they’re in good shape. Unless your part of the WildStar development team or playerbase, things are looking particularly rosey. Sales are up by around 30% from the year before, with profits having jumped 70% on the previous period. That’s a sizeable improvement and one NCSoft’s shareholders are likely very pleased about.

Mike Donatelli & Chris Behrens Leave Carbine

Carbine Studios is two employees short with Friday's announcements that Mike Donatelli and Chris Behrens have left the WildStar development team. Mike Donatelli stated he is leaving due to health issues and Chris Behrens did not give a reason but said that he'd enjoyed his time with NCSoft and working on both WildStar and City of Heroes.