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WildStar Articles

They're Listening

The WildStar team has a new blog post called "Yep, We're Listening". In it, Robert Land discusses how the team is committed to listening to the community, not just appearing to do so. In the first in a series of discussions called "Uplink", devs asked folks what they thought of seasonal events.

Making Games with Jeremy Gaffney

In the latest WildStar Wednesdays blog column, Carbine's Jeremy Gaffney has penned a new article about the way the team plans to make their inaugural title. It's a fascinating look at why the studio has chosen to let players take on an early alpha stage of WildStar and what that means to its development.

From Concept to Creature Part 2

The WildStar team has posted the second installment of its ongoing series of articles about the artwork that the game will feature. In today's post, Andy Cotnam shows the stages that concept art piece, Metal Maw, goes through in its journey to an in-game NPC.

Chatting with the Team

The WildStar team aims to make themselves available to fans of the game by inviting folks to join ongoing conversations on Facebook and Twitter.

The Paths to a Great Game

WildStar was probably the best-kept industry secret up until last month's GamesCom but now Carbine Studios is ready to open the floodgates. In a brand new exclusive interview, MMORPG.com Managing Editor Bill Murphy had the opportunity to sit down for a candid chat with WildStar's Senior Producer Eric DeMilt. Check out what the pair chatted about and then let us know what you think in the comments.

From Concept to Creature

WildStar developer, Robert "Robeardo" Land, has posted a new dev diary about the process the team goes through when taking a monster from its earliest concept stages through the finished product.

PAX – The Deepest MMORPG Ever

During the recent PAX convention, MMORPG.com Managing Editor sat in a meeting with Carbine Studios' Jeremy Gaffney who boldly proclaimed, that the team wanted WildStar to be "the deepest MMORPG ever made.” Find out how they figure on accomplishing that ideal in Bill Murphy's report. Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

PAX 2011 - Stepping into a Pixar Movie

During PAX 2011, MMORPG.com's Carolyn Koh and Bill Murphy each had a chance for a hands on look at the just-revealed WildStar. Each has their own impressions to offer about Carbine's inaugural title. Read on and then let us know what you think.

Gamescom Reveal Interview with Chad Moore

One of the most closely guarded secrets finally came to light during last week's Gamescom. Carbine Studios and NCSoft finally revealed WildStar and MMORPG.com's John Milburn was on hand to grab some face time with Chad Moore. Check out our sweet interview with Moore and then add a few of your thoughts about WildStar in the comments.

Story of the Week: WildStar Revealed

This week's reigning news king deservedly goes to Carbine Studios and their newly announced MMORPG: WildStar Online. Though there was stiff competition coming out of Gamescom 2011, this bright new star (pun intended) has everyone talking.

Gamescom Demo Impressions

Boots on the ground reporter, John Milburn, got a first hand look at the just-revealed WildStar Online during a presentation by Carbine Studios and NC Soft during this year's Gamescom. He's got a few impressions to share with you so keep reading! Are you looking forward to WildStar Online? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Races and Classes Unveiled

Carbine Studios took the wraps off their upcoming MMO, WildStar, yesterday at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany. Today, we've learned of the first three races revealed for the game as well as details on several of WildStar's classes.

Wildstar Debut Trailer

Continuing the barrage of information coming from NCSoft and Carbine Studios, we have the 'reveal' trailer from Wildstar. Check it out and see if it is, as Bill Murphy opines, "simply gorgeous".

Carbine's WildStar is Revealed!

At GamesCom 2011, Carbine promised to show us something we'd never seen before, and boy did they deliver. Just moments ago they revealed their brand new game: WildStar!