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WildStar Articles

Protostar's Gala Winterfest to Kick Off on December 18th

From December 18th through January 1st, WildStar players will have the opportunity to check out this year's version of Protostar's Gala Winterfest Extravaganza. By helping out Protostar, players earn a currency that can be used to purchase season-specific goods including some brand new goodies for 2016.

Taking a Look Back at an Exciting 2016

Chad "Pappy" Moore has taken to the official WildStar site to give players a bit of a retrospective look at 2016 and all that happened in the preceding months. In addition, he wraps it up with the promise that the team has much more in store when 2017 rolls around.

Account Wide Dyes Unlocked

The WildStar forum has been updated with the latest game notes that brings the fantastic news that dye unlocks are now account wide. In addition, players can now change the color of housing items thanks to a new "action" available in the UI.

Cross-Faction Grouping & Other QoL Stuff Coming Nov 9th

WildStar players will be able to start forming cross-faction groups when the next update goes live on November 9th. In addition, the second half of Redmoon Terror will debut and a ton of new social features to enhance the overall game play experience of WildStar players will be coming along too.

Redmoon Mutiny to Launch on November 16th

Carbine Studios has announced that the next major WildStar update will be launching on November 16th. Called Redmoon Mutiny, the update brings the second phase of the Redmoon Terror to players as well as cross-faction grouping.

New Trailer Welcomes Players to the Game

Carbine has released another brand new "first look" video for WildStar that shows off factions, provides a peek at combat, housing, questing and world story, dungeons, raids, PvP and adventures. All this comes packed with Carbine's signature humor so be sure to check it out!

Redmoon Mutiny Content Update Coming in November

Chad "Pappy" Moore has taken to the WildStar forum to let players know that the next significant content update will be heading into the game in November. Called Redmoon Mutiny, the update will include phase two of Redmoon Terror, the ability to create cross-faction dungeon and raid groups, PvP leaderboards (both group and individual) and much more.

Shade's Eve Making a Return on October 19th

WildStar fans can get into the Halloween spirit when Shade's Eve makes a comeback on October 19th. Shade's Eve brings special quests, housing decorations, festive looks to capital cities and more.

Grinder/Uniblade Mount Giveaway!

MMORPG.com has been given gift keys for Wildstar that will give players TWO mounts - the Grinder and the Uniblade! Get your set of keys now!

Soundtrack Volume 2 Released with New Tunes

The second volume of the WildStar soundtrack has been released by Sumthing Else Music, a company dedicated to releasing game tunes. Composed by Jeff Kurtenacker, the new album features several never before heard compositions and also features the talents of Los Angeles Opera singer Nicole Fernandes performing "From the Ashes".

Big Quality of Life Improvements Coming Soon

The WildStar forum has been updated with a new developer post to give players a heads up about some nifty quality of life improvements coming to the game in the near future. The list of QoL improvements came as a direct result of community feedback and include a number of oft-requested features. See what's in store.

Datamined Info - AMP & Ability Unlock Points as Shop Items

The latest WildStar build has been deployed to the Pubic Test Realm that reveals new rewards from Madame Fay, items for the Sim-Chase event and a ton of new models coming to the game with Build 14018. Of particular note, however, is the addition of AMP (passive upgrades and "procs" spent to customize characters in areas like Assault, Utility, Support) and Ability Points.

Madame Fay Going Retro with Redmoon Rising

When the Redmoon Rising update to WildStar goes live on August 17th, Madame Fay will be getting an update...or a retrograde, depending on how you look at it. From that day forward, she will be selling some pretty spiffy "retro-inspired fortunes" so Carbine is urging players to head over and snap up any of her remaining stock before the 17th.

Redmoon Rising Dungeon Preview, Debuts August 17th

The WildStar site has been updated with a preview of the Redmoon Rising dungeon that will be heading into the game on August 17th. The preview gives a nice stack of lore that includes what can be called nothing less than space pirates headed up by the risen captain, Ish'amel. Other characters of note include Swabbie Ski'li, Robomination, the Redmoon Engineers, and Mordechai Redmoon.

Redmoon Terror Raid Lands on PTR

WildStar players are being invited to head to the public test realm to check out the Redmoon Terror raid. The raid will be released in two wings, Redmoon Rising and Redmoon Mutiny, with a third, harder, version to come in a subsequent update.