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WildStar Articles

v1.7.1 to Arrive Today, Brings Prime Instances and More

WildStar will be updating today with the v1.7.1 patch that brings a number of new features into the game including three new Prime Instances, PvE Leaderboards, the shared realm bank, and new fortunes from Madame Fay.a

PvE Leaderboards, Expanded Prime Content Land on PTR

The WildStar PTR has been updated with v1.7.1 that brings a bunch of new content on board for testing. Included in the updated PTR version of the game are PvE leaderboards, expanded Prime content, the shared realm bank and new stuff at Madame Fay's.

Prime Raid Difficulty + QoL Changes Incoming

The latest State of the Game letter has been published on the WildStar site. It's a somewhat short letter, but it has some interesting tidbits of information about what players can expect to find coming to the game in the future. Of particular note is the forthcoming addition of the Prime difficulty setting for raids.

Earn Double XP from April 14-17

The WildStar team is ready to unleash another double XP weekend starting April 14th and ending on April 17th. During the "Double XP X-Plosion" event, all experience boosts through Signature membership will stack with the bonus given through the weekend.

Power of the Primal Matrix is now live!

As pointed out by the official site and MOP, the Power of the Primal Matrix update is now live in WildStar and Nexus! The main focus of this update is on the end-game progression, adding a never-ending set of progression mechanics to keep your character growing beyond 50 - you even get a free level 50 to try it out.

Celebrate the Primal Matrix with a Free Level 50 Character

The WildStar team is excited about Wednesday's launch of Primal Matrix, its brand new end-game progression system. Being twitterpated shows too with today's announcement that will see all players who log in at launch receiving a free Level 50 character.

Primal Matrix to Launch on March 8th

WildStar players will be pleased to hear that the end-game progression system, Primal Matrix, will be making its debut on March 8th. To help players earn Essences (used to unlock the Matrix upgrade nodes), a pair of new instances, Evil from the Ether and Coldblood Citadel, will also be included in the update. Several dungeons and Expeditions will also become compatible with the Prime Difficulty, a new challenge to earn powerful rewards.

Power of the Primal Matrix Update Adds New Signature Rewards

Carbine Studios is expanding on the benefits enjoyed by WildStar signature members with new rewards.

The Future Instance

WildStar’s instances are getting a bit of a boost. In order to provide a form of endgame progression, Carbine Studios recently introduced the Primal Matrix as a way to develop characters beyond level 50. Beyond the raids, dungeons and questing zones, the Matrix will provide longer-term goals that shiny loot just can’t match.

Primal Matrix Preview

Carbine’s next update aims to keep the endgame ball rolling, but is it enough? Gareth Harmer brings us this Public Test preview.

Power of the Primal Matrix Preview Livestream

Last week, Carbine introduced WildStar players to the upcoming Primal Matrix, a way for max-level characters to continue to progress through the collection of Primal Essence. During a live stream event held on Friday, Jonathan Brown and Chad Moore previewed the Primal Matrix. If you didn't have a chance to catch it live, the nearly hour-long event has been uploaded to YouTube.

The Primal Matrix System Allows New Character Progression

The WildStar site has been updated with the news about the Primal Matrix System, the next significant update to the game coming in February 2017. The Primal Matrix is a way for end-game characters to progress beyond level 50 by collecting Primal Essence that can be spent to unlock new class abilities and more.

Battle Chase to Begin on January 6th

WildStar players will be able to take part in the Battle Chase event that is set to start on Thursday, January 6th and that will run through January 16th. During the event, players collect Battle Bits by completing Battlegrounds and can also score Battle Chase Crates with some nifty in-game rewards including the Exile or Dominion hoverboards.

Next Significant Update to be Revealed on January 4th

From the "news about news" files, Carbine has announced via Twitter that the next significant WildStar update will be revealed on Tuesday, January 4, 2017. The announcement came alongside a tiny video that says, "The fate of Nexus rests in your hands..."

Winterfest Preview Livestream

The WildStar team has posted an hour-long video from a recent live stream even in which Chad "Pappy" Moore and team took viewers on a tour of Winterfest. In addition, Moore reiterated how excited the team is for 2017 and what it has in store for the game.