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WildStar Articles

Warplots - You Got Your Raids in My PvP

Warplots are WildStar’s late-game PvP centerpiece. They are highly customizable 40 vs. 40 battles taking place in massive settings. Each faction gets its own side to deck out with a system similar to the way housing works in the game. Build, set into place, add some guards, lay some traps, throw in a raid boss, and a superweapon, and let the other side in for the goal of mass amounts of enemy slaughter. It won’t be easy since the other side also has it out for you too.

PvP - Gear, ELO, & The Thrill of Competition

WildStar’s PvP is just like the rest of the game - it’s fast, it’s furious, and it’s on a grand scale. For those looking forward to the action combat, the use of constant movement, and the telegraph system to add strategy, there are many ways to satisfy your urge to take down some dirty Dominion or Exile scum, depending upon your own loyalties.

Legend of Kel Voreth

Nestled in the bottom corner of Auroria lies the Ruins of Kel Voreth, one of WildStar’s earliest dungeons. Besides being a place for the slaughter, this Osun stronghold contains a hefty amount of hidden lore. As part of his ongoing adventure through Nexus, Gareth Harmer reveals more about this barbaric race and their ties to the mysterious Eldan.

Stormtalon's Lair: The Birth of a Corrupted God

At the end of the valley we discover a pier like wooden structure which clearly extends deep into a cave. A swirling blue mist covers the cave entrance and if you continue, you are given the standard Dungeon Difficulty options: Normal, Veteran and Rally the Instance Level popup. You have discovered a Dungeon entrance and need to decide how you will enter.

Beyond the Walls of the Thayd

Winter Beta Patch Three has come to WildStar and with it, many significant changes to the game for Beta players. The ability to level to 50 now has to be at the top of the list for most. Let’s take our first look beyond the City of Thayd and see what is in store for us as we continue our adventures on Nexus.

Deeper into the Dominion Lands

Carbine has lifted the level limit to level 29, allowing us to explore deeper into Nexus and report back on what we find. Over the coming days and weeks, I’ll be entering the Ruins of Kel Voreth dungeon and creeping around the contested zone of Whitevale. Today though, I’m starting out in Auroria: the first post-15 zone.

The Esper – Mind Stabbing Fun

As part of our continuing coverage of WildStar, we take a look at the Esper class, the 'mage' in the group. See what we found out and then head to the comments.

The Classic Warrior, Reimagined

We've been diving into WildStar's beta all week long, and today we're previewing the Warrior with thoughts on the classic MMO class as it appears in Carbine's sci-fantasy MMORPG. Read on for our full impressions.

Becoming A Mechari Warrior

As part of our continuing hands on look at Carbine's WildStar, we spent some time with a Mechari Warrior during last weekend's New York Comic Con. It's a great preview. Check it out and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Trying Out the Stalker Class

At last weekend's New York Comic Con, the WildStar team was on hand to show off the game. We managed some hands on time with the Stalker and present our hands on preview. See what we discovered before heading to the comments.

The Settler and Scientist Paths Detailed

At a recent press event in San Francisco, we got a first hand look at Carbine Studios' WildStar. We have a full preview of what we saw that you won't want to miss. Check it out before heading to the comments to talk about it!

Nexus Shines at PAX East

Learn all about WildStar's presence at this year's PAX East in our latest preview. We have the skinny from the presentation Carbine gave exclusively to press and fan-sites. See why this game won our Most Innovative award, and why it's quickly becoming a title to watch in 2013.

Mechari Aren’t Your Average Robots

We continue our look at the known races from Carbine Studios' WildStar. This time, the Mechari are profiled to give fans a bit of lore and other interesting tidbits of information. Read on!

Behind the Dominion’s Cassian Race

Carbine Studios is blowing the lid off of WildStar in a big way with the recent press event and Arkship 2013 and now a preview of the Cassian Race. See what we discovered before heading to the comments to discuss!

Unveiling the Dominion and Stalker Class

WildStar is one of those games that has been languishing behind the veil but Carbine Studios is ready to start releasing more information to an excited audience. We've got a hands on preview of WildStar, most particularly the Dominion and the first ever information about the Stalker class. Check it out and then let us know what you think in the comments.