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WildStar Articles

Fighting for Riches

Gaining riches in WildStar will take place in many different ways: CREDD, player trading, auction house and more. In our latest WildStar column, we examine each and offer some insight. Read on and then head to the comments.

A Tailored Experience

Carbine Studios is working to make WildStar something special, something to keep players interested in for a good long while. In our latest column, we take a look at exactly how they are accomplishing this task. Check out our thoughts and then add your own in the comments.

Changes to Core Systems

This week's WildStar Wednesday laid out some information about core systems changes that the team has been working on since the close of the last beta phase. In our new WildStar column, we take a look at those changes and offer a few thoughts. See what we have to say before leaving your own thoughts in the comments.

It's a House Party

WildStar developer, Carbine Studios, is going out of its way to make sure that its players are engaged and having a great time. One way they plan to keep players busy and happy is with their housing system. We have a list of some of the things that players can expect to find in WS's housing system. Check it out and then head to the comments to chat!

Subscriptions Are Alright By Me

The recent news about WildStar's subscription model has sparked a fair bit of chatter on our forums and across the MMO social sphere. Today, Rob Lashley opines as to why the subscription model is alright by him.

It’s All About Soul

WildStar is setting itself to be something completely different, a world that players like to be in, not just for game play mechanics, but because it's a fun place to be. Check out our latest WildStar column and see why we think it may succeed and then leave your thoughts in the comments.

The Arkship’s Wicked Weekend

Last weekend marked an important turn in the development of WildStar as the team continued revealing more about the game and asked for player input. We had boots on the ground during Arkship 2013 and have a full report. Keep reading and then leave your thoughts in the comments.

Is a 'Sandpark' Even Possible?

On one side, we have theme park fans. On the other, we have sandbox fans. Which side deserves the most attention? Carbine Studios thinks that both do and are aiming to create a "sandpark" game with WildStar. Check out our thoughts on the issue and then join the conversation in the comments.

The Empowered Community

Community has always been important but has become increasingly important throughout this past year. Carbine Studios and the WildStar team aim to stay on top of the current trend in community management. We take a look at how they plan to do just that in our latest column. Read on and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

It's All About Choice

One of the most important things that many players crave in an MMO is a high level of customization. Whether it's the way their character looks or the influences that have come to bear on their race or faction, choice matters. In our latest WildStar column, we take a look at the ways Carbine is making sure their players get what they want. Read on!

Combat Telegraphs & Sci-Fi MMOs

In our latest WildStar column, we take a look at the recently released combat video and last week's WildStar Uplink question. We offer a few thoughts about both and hope that you'll join in the conversation in the comments.

The Marriage of Theme Park & Sandbox

WildStar is aiming to do what no other company has been able to successfully accomplish before: Create a true hybrid between a theme park and sandbox MMORPG. We take a look at how Jeremy Gaffney believes this can happen in this week's column. Read on and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

What’s In an Art-Style?

A game's art style is a huge factor for some folks when it comes to enjoying an MMO. In today's WildStar column, we give an instructional lecture on the "uncanny valley". Don't know what that is? You will when we're finished with you. Keep reading!

The Year Ahead

WildStar is ready to kick it into high gear in 2012 and we take a few minutes today to opine about what might possibly mean as the year gets underway. See what we think and then add your own ideas to the comments.

What Path Are You?

In the pre-WoW days, people used to play this oddity called a MUD or "multi-user dungeon" which in many ways was the precursor to today's MMOs. In a new article devoted to WildStar, we look at how Carbine Studios is utilizing the MUD mentality...and at a few of our concerns with regard to the same. Read on!