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Layer Cake

One of WildStar’s earliest promises was “layered content,” where different parts of the nascent MMO would work together to provide this rich gaming experience. But what does this actually mean, and has Carbine managed to deliver it? Gareth Harmer grabs a fork and tucks in.

Latest Beta Patch Brings Chua Changes & Female Breast Reduction

Carbine has been bursting with new WildStar information this week. Winter Beta patch 2 went live, and Stephan Frost held an AMA right here on MMORPG.com. From Chua now having underpants to hints at a launch date, Gareth Harmer brings us all the important details.

Will it Work?

Carbine’s upcoming MMO seems to be winning far and wide, but will it actually be a success? Gareth Harmer takes a closer look at some of the common arguments against WildStar.

About Those Addons

Addons are a terrific way to enhance a player's game. In our latest WildStar column, we take a look at how Carbine plans to involve its community with addons. Check it out and then head to the comments.

‘Tis the Season

As with most MMOs at this time of year, WildStar has its own in-game celebration, the first of what is hoped to be many more. We take a look at WildStar, lore, celebrations and much more. Read on!

Heading to Nexus

Now that the wraps are off the NDA and WildStar coverage, we have even more goodness for our readers in today's column. Find out why heading to Nexus is a great idea before leaving your thoughts in the comments.

The Medic is a Doctor… and a Killer

Information about WildStar has come largely from Carbine Studios....until today. We have a full suite of articles that cover the game in general, PvP, crafting, the Medic and Engineer classes and housing. It's a ton of information that you simply do not want to miss. Read on!

Class War!

In our latest WildStar column, we take a look at the fun and excitement that PvP in all its flavors will bring to the game. Check out our thoughts before leaving your own in the comments.

Engineer and Medic Revealed

Carbine Studios is on a roll today with the revelation of not just one, but TWO, new playable classes for WildStar. We've got the inside look at both the Medic and the Engineer so keep reading!

Shooting Stars

This was a big week for WildStar news with tons of new information about dungeons, the Spellslinger and the Stalker. We take a look at all that was revealed. See what we determined before heading to the comments.

Snazzy Heals

In our latest WildStar column, we take a look at tons of new and interesting information about the game that cropped up during the past week. See what's new with WildStar and then head to the comments.

Magic and Mayhem

It's been a huge week for WildStar news, news that we have been watching closely. We've got a wrap report and analysis of all that's been revealed recently. Keep reading before heading off to the comments.

Avoiding the Launch Day Blues

MMO launch days for the last several years have, for the most part, been facepalming experiences for players. In today's WildStar column, we take a look at ways that those "blues" can be avoided. See what we think before leaving your own thoughts in the comments.

Choose Your Weapon

Weaponry in any MMO is one of the most crucial features in the game, something that can quite literally make or break a game. In today's WildStar column, we take a look at weapons. See what we have to say before heading to the comments.

Ready to Raid

WildStar is a game that will include raids and dungeons, as most MMOs do. There are things, however, that need to happen to set the raid system apart from others. In our latest column, we take a look at WildStar raiding. Read on!