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Wild West Online Articles

New Frontier - Wild West Online Old Accounts Info

In a Facebook post, new information for Wild West Online was revealed with respect to old accounts and how they'll be managed for the rebranded game, New Frontier.

Aliens & Mechs are Part of the Wild West Online Rebrand 'New Frontier'

Wild West Online has kept its old timey roots but has added dinosaurs, alien technology and steampunk walking robots as part of its rebranded game "New Frontier". While many of the original components (survival open world sandbox game centered on building and crafting) remain, "magical storms" have torn open holes in the space - time continuum to bring "creatures from another dimension". The cover photo for the "new" game includes alien tech and a gigantic mech. We're flabbergasted too.

Wild West Online Launches Open Beta for Its 'Magnificent 5' Battle Royale Standalone

The Wild West Online Facebook page has been updated with a notice that the "Magnificent 5" version of the game has launched into open beta and is a free to play title. The Magnificent 5 features twenty teams of five players each in a fight to be the last team standing. It features "persistent rewards, skills progression and unlocks" including costumes, saddle skins and steed coats.

After Months of Silence, Wild West Online Revives as a 2-Piece F2P Title

The Wild West Online forum has a post from one of the developers after months of silence. In it, "MrBlack" said that in August, development on the game effectively stopped with most employees remaining unpaid for three plus months. In the intervening weeks, there was no money left to continue and the remaining team searched for partners or financing. After much searching, a new partnership with Free Reign Entertainment has been struck and development will be restarted.

Patch Planned for June 15 Delayed, Free Trial Version Delayed an Additional Month

The Wild West Online Facebook page has been updated with a brief note to let players know that the patch originally planned for June 15th has been delayed for the time being. "We successfully launched our test servers and realized after 3 days of meticulous testing there was (sic) way too many bugs that would alter your overall experience" the post reads.

Next Update to Include a Free Trial Version of the Game

The Wild West Online forum has been updated with a look at the next update that should "be deployed no later than June 15th". The post contains a list of the top thirteen items that will be seeing significant changes. In addition, the WWO team has announced that a free trial version of the game is coming.

Novice Servers, New Customization Options & More in Next Update

The Wild West Online site has been updated with a look at the next patch update, v0.8.528. The patch will bring several new features into the game including Novice Servers for characters below level 20, and new hair colors for those looking for additional customization. Additionally, several features are being improved upon including Hideout cabins, gold stream miners, plantations, barricades and gun wheel updates.

Team Asks Community for Feedback on Proposed Updates

The Wild West Online team is looking for player feedback regarding several suggestions for future updates. These "are not final design decisions, but more like discussion topics - we want to hear your opinion!" the post reads. Topics include redesigning the faction system, bringing more non-PvP activities to players, towns becoming "safe zones", and several others.

More Weapons & Loot Added in New Patch Plus QoL Changes & Bug Fixes

The Wild West Online forum has a new post to provide details about the most significant components of the latest update to the game. Most notably, players will find several changes to vendors as well as additional weapons, more loot and XP bonuses applied on a kill. In addition, quality of life changes were made, several specific to Town Capture Events.

WWO Leaving Early Access & Ready for Steam Launch on May 10th

The Wild West Online team has announced that players should "get ready to tame the West" with the full retail release on Steam on May 10th. According to the press announcement, the WWO launch will include a slew of new features, most implemented and tuned thanks to community feedback.

Community Update Details Latest Tasks Tackled by Dev Team

The Wild West Online team has a new post to inform the community about the most recent tasks being tackled by the development team. The goal is to push these new developments into the latest client as soon as possible.

Crafting & Mount Changes Detailed, Coming in Next Patch

The Wild West Online site has been updated with a list of ten things that the team has been working on and that will be deployed in the next update. Of note are changes to mount stamina when shot and the addition of experience gained from crafting.

'We Heard You Loud & Clear' - Team Details Incoming Changes

After last week's huge Wild West Online update, developers have been collecting player feedback to drive the next steps in development. As a result, a list of five topics crucial to the community have been identified and the team is hard at work to bring the new or updated features into the game.

A Trio of Features Already in the Works After Yesterday's Massive Update

Wild West Online received a massive update yesterday, but the team isn't finished yet. In a brief post on the WWO forum, devs let the community know that a trio of features that didn't make the deadline for deployment in the update are well underway and will be coming "in the short term".

Here are the Detailed Changes Coming in Today's Patch

Wild West Online will be getting its big patch later today and the update notes have finally been published. We've got a look at all of the big, big changes coming to the game, so keep reading and check out a number of brief videos after the jump.