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Wild Terra Articles

Wild Terra is Now a Free-to-Play Game on Steam & in Browsers Worldwide

Juvty Worlds has sent word that the big day has finally arrived. Wild Terra is now a free-to-play game on Steam and in browsers around the world. Players can also check out a variety of DLC packs that include mounts, cloaks, titles, premium game time, schemes, recipes, tools and more. Best of all, the team has plans to continue robust development of the game.

Wild Terra to Go Free to Play on February 12th

Juvty Worlds has announced that Wild Terra will be going free to play on February 12th. Up to now, the game has been buy to play. Those who have previously purchased the game will receive "generous bonuses for loyalty" according to the post. The pack of goodies will contain premium game time, a variety of potions and keys and a cloak.

Wild Terra Players Can Give and Receive Gifts with New Holiday Event

From now through mid-January, Wild Terra players can take part in a number of Christmas activities that includes decorating the Christmas tree, giving & receiving gifts, hanging a stocking and taking part in an epic winter snowball battle.

The World of Wild Terra is Overflowing with Evil From Now Through November 5th

From now through November 5th, Wild Terra Online can take part in Halloween festivities including carving Jack O'Lanterns to hang on cursed unholy trees that have infested the world. During the event, players can earn unique mounts, pets, outfits and the Trick or Treat title.

Wild Terra is Free to Play This Weekend & Sports a Sweet Price to Boot

Throughout this weekend, you can try out Wild Terra free of charge. The event ends on Sunday morning, so it's a great time to head into the game. If you do, and if you choose to purchase the game, you can do so for $5 and all of your progress will be saved.

Try the Game for Free with a Premium Trial Account

If you've been on the fence about Wild Terra, this is a golden opportunity. From now through July 24th, you can try the game out for free. Should you be interested in purchasing the game, it is currently on sale for 50% off, which is great because it will allow all character experience gained in the trial to be retained.

Juvty Worlds Releases a New ARPG 'Based in the Wild Terra Universe'

Juvty Worlds, developers of Wild Terra, has published a new story-based action RPG called Corrupted. The game is set in the same game universe as Wild Terra and is considered in Early Access. According to the game's store page, there is a 20-chapter campaign spread across a variety of landscapes. Players will find a "large arsenal" of weapons and a variety of opponents.

Lackadaisical Wilderness

Survival, the first frontier. Many games have delved into the premise of basic survival, with game features such as building, crafting, enduring the treacherous wilderness, and having fun doing these things. Wild Terra Online by Juvty Worlds Ltd. looks to double down on the hardcore-ness of survival games in this player-controlled sandbox RPG where it is up to the players to fill many of the traditional roles once performed by NPCs.

Play for Free Through April 3rd & Celebrate 'Fool's Day'

If you've been waiting to try out Wild Terra, you can do so for free from now through April 3rd. During the free weekend, players can take part in the Fool's Day event and check out the new Crystal Equipment.

Take Part in Ladies' Day Event From Now Through March 15th

From now through March 15th, Wild Terra players can take part in the Ladies' Day event to celebrate the women of the world. During the event, players can pick wildflowers that now spawn much more frequently. Once dried, players can then create the Lady Cloak that is only wearable by female characters and they will also earn the Enamored title.

New Video Details Changes to Taming, a New Damage Type & Weapon Too

Juvty Worlds has published a brand new video to detail some of the major changes that have arrived with the v9.50 update. These include new, more streamlined ways to capture and tame animals using lariats. In addition, viewers get a first look at the new spear weapon type and the penetrating blow damage ability.

Upcoming Changes & Mechanic Adjustments Incoming

The Wild Terra team has been listening to player feedback over the course of the last month since the game launched. As a result, a number of changes to game mechanics will be made that should give new players in particular a smoother experience from the get-go.

It's Official! Wild Terra Launches with this Brand New Trailer

Juvty Worlds has announced that the big day has finally arrived with Wild Terra launching out of Early Access. To celebrate the big news, a brand new trailer has been released as well as a hefty discount applied to those who choose to purchase the game.

December 18th Announced as the Official Launch Date

Juvty Worlds has announced that Wild Terra will be officially launching out of Early Access on December 18th. While December has been the target month for quite awhile, the exact date was not as it had to be kept hidden until all the stars aligned. To prepare for launch, alpha servers will close on December 15th, though existing characters can be transferred to a player's server of choice.

New Player Experience Improved with Additional Quests

New Wild Terra players will have a bit easier time of things thanks to the addition of quests added in the game's earliest moments. In addition, veteran players will be glad to hear that daily quests are now included. Players can take up to three daily quests each 24-hours.