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Wartune Articles

Latest Update Focused on Revamping Game Systems

The latest Wartune patch has been deployed that bring a number of reworked systems online including the replacement of old-model buildings with newer, more functional structures. In addition, content has been added that will appeal to both new and veteran players. R2Games is inviting former players to revisit the game to see all of the improvements and new content.

Crowd Fund Project to Launch for Tie-In Novel

Game Hollywoood has announced its intention to start an Indiegogo campaign to fund the writing of a Wartune tie-in novel. The novel will be penned by Chioma Osifo and is expected to be published in 2016.

Patch 5.0 Adding New Guardian Character, Dungeon And More

R2Games, the publisher of fantasy browser-based game Wartune, has announced that patch 5.0 has seen to significant changes in gameplay and graphics.

Hall of Heroes Comes to iOS and Android

Yes, the Chinese phenomenon has made it to U.S. shores - or at least U.S. mobile devices. The take-along version of Wartune: Hall of Heroes (an extension of the online game of the same name) The game features PvP events ranging from three-player squads to 30-player guild battles and exclusive mobile retooling to better emulate the PC gaming experience.

Hall of Heroes App Released

Kabam has announced that its Wartune mobile app, Hall of Heroes, has been released for iOS devices, and on Google Play mobile devices and tablets. Players can take part solo in campaign mode or can participate in PvP matches ranging from 3v3 to guild-wide 30v30 matches all from the comfort of a handheld device.

Open Beta Begins

NGames has announced that the open beta for its hybrid RPG-strategy MMO, Wartune, has officially kicked off. The team has a variety of events to celebrate the start of the open beta and interested players can sign up on the Wartune site.

Wartune [R2Games] Beta Gift Key Packs!

R2Games has given MMORPG.com some special gift keys for Wartune! Each key will give you many items such as Level 2 luck stones, Skeleton key, Mithril Necklace and much more! Get your key now while supplies last!

Instant Freeplay: Wartune (Part 3)

In this installment of Pokket's "Instant FreePlay", she concludes her look at Wartune. Check it out!

INSTANT FREEPLAY: Wartune (Part 2)

Pokket continues her in-depth look at Wartune.

INSTANT FREEPLAY: Wartune with Pokket (Part 1)

Wartune is a free to play, browser based game. It recently was in the news for having over 1 million registered users. This is part 1 of my Wartune series. Basically is me getting started with the game, and first impressions. Stay tuned for me in-depth coverage with the next 2 videos.

Over 1M Registered Users

Reality Squared is reporting that WarTune has already scored over one million registered users since opening its doors just over a month ago. In addition, over sixteen servers have been opened to accommodate players.

Beta Gift Key Handout

MMORPG.com has been given gift keys for our community to use in the Wartune Beta Test! Get your key now while supplies last!