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    2022 (01/01/2020)
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Warp Nexus Overview

Note: Development on Warp Nexus is believed to be cancelled. The development studio, Wyrmbyte, has made no social media posts since Oct 28, 2019.

Warp Nexus
 is a casual online space action game that lets users play how they want but still be a part of an ever changing universe.

  • Cross-platform | Warp Nexus runs on everything: PC, console, mobile, VR
  • Variety of modes | Supports single player, CO-OP and PvP.
  • Play missions instantly | no flying through space for long periods of time in straight lines
  • Do what you think is fun! | Mine, trade, craft, transport, escort, pirate and more
  • Design your ship and equipment specifications to your gaming goals.
Warp Nexus: Independent Ideas

Warp Nexus is a new space-centric MMO being developed by Wyrmbyte. Red Thomas talks with company President Scott Brown about the studio’s vision for the game and what their timeline looks like.

Warp Nexus is the Spiritual Successor to Jumpgate & Coming to Multiple Platforms in 2019

Wyrmbyte has announced that Warp Nexus, considered the spiritual successor to Jumpgate, is coming to multiple platforms later in 2019. The game will head to Steam Early Access this summer and will be crossplay compatible between consoles and mobile. "Be whatever kind of pilot you want to be, take whatever kind of job you want, and reap the rewards in a space-flight MMO that takes the emptiness out of space by making sure your next job is just a quick warp away."

Warp Nexus Sneak Peak

Warp Nexus is a casual online space game that is based around a real economy where every move a player makes helps shape the universe. Players play on any platform with any type of controls in either single player, co-op or PvP. Play the way you want and hop right into the action.