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Warlords Awakening Articles

It Probably Comes as No Surprise But...Warlords Awakening is Closing

Probably to the surprise of no one, it has been announced that Warlords Awakening is shutting down on June 28th. From now through that time, the game is free to play and cash shop items are no longer for sale. There do not appear to be any events planned from now through the end date.

Warlords Awakening Review – Worth Waking For?

the resurrection of ELOA has come, branded under a new publisher and brandished with a new name, Warlords: Awakening has risen from the digital grave to christen a host of new western players with a Korean MMOARPG that woefully underperformed not but two years prior. Has it improved since our original review?

Warlords Awakening Unleashes the Holidays

Warlords Awakening developers have announced that players will be able to take part in "a magical Christmas full of adventures" starting December 19th. Players can expect "a variety of surprises including new content and an exclusive Christmas event" going forward through the rest of the month.

Warlords Awakening is Free to Play From November 22-25

PlayWith Interactive has sent word that Warlords Awakening will be free to play for global users from November 22-25. During the weekend, players can score goodies for their participation. The Warlords Training Event offers players a reward package every 10 levels. The War is Coming Event allows players to earn the Red Rock Star costume and an adventure pack.

Early Access Delayed to August 2nd

PlayWith has announced that it is delaying the Early Access start for Warlords Awakening until August 2nd. The EA period of development was supposed to begin today, but the extra time will, according to the note on the game's Steam page, allow the team to "solve some issues encountered during the Ambassadors' Program tests".

As Players Suspected, Warlords Awakening is Elite Lords of Alliance Back For Try #3

It appears that Elite Lords of Alliance is back under a new name with a new publisher, PlayWith. According to the Warlords Awakening FAQ on the game's Steam page, Playwith admits that it understands how skeptical players must be after the earlier two attempts...and subsequent shutdowns. The answer is, as you would expect, to throw shade cast at the previous publisher with aspersions at their handling of the game and that, this time, things will be different.