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Neocore Games | Official Site
Action RPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 2018)  | Pub:Neocore Games
Distribution:Download | Retail Price:$59.99 | Pay Type:Buy to Play | Monthly Fee:n/a
System Req: PC Mac Playstation 4 Xbox One | ESRB:MOut of date info? Let us know!

Our Hands On Preview

By Randy Liden on June 05, 2018 | Previews | Comments

Our Hands On Preview

Purge the unclean and the heretic. Protect humanity from the treacherous mutants, xenos, and daemons of the Chaos Gods. Purge the corruption the with cleansing fire of your weapons and offer them the repentance of death. You are an Inquisitor of the Imperium and this is your mission.


In Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Martyr you play as an Imperial Inquisitor investigating the mystery aboard an ancient ship, the Martyr. You cleansing journey takes you through the massive ship, across many systems and planets.

The game is an ARPG (action role-playing game) in the classic sense with the familiar fixed angle overhead view. It’s rendered in 3D however, as you’re able to rotate or zoom the camera.

Inquisitor is trying hard to be something more than an isometric loot hunter with a gritty paint job. It tries to stay true to the spirit of Warhammer by focusing on tactical combat with resources and combat conditions. Neocore is trying to create a complex layered persistent world ARPG that incorporates a rich campaign, online multiplayer, PvP, and crafting.


Your character is an Inquisitor, one of the legendary and fearsome secret agents of the Imperium. Upon character creation you can choose one of three background professions Psyker, Crusader, or Assassin. Each one represents a core playstyle choice with Crusader being a heavy, Psyker the nuker, and Assassin the agile run-n-gun’r.

Within each of those class archetypes you can choose from one of three specializations. I chose the “Eradicator” with a sniper rifle and a shotgun. Other combinations start with swords, lasguns, or automatic weapons.

Unlike many games where characters share unwanted stats here your stat choices are about play style and tactical choices. The assassin can choose between Accuracy (direct damage), Survival (defense, mitigations, and health), and Bloodlust (critical chance and magnitude). The other two profession backgrounds (Crusader and Psyker) also have their own three attributes. They closely mirror each other in purpose but are different in detail as they apply to each class.

The skill trees are share between classes. This opens up a lot of flexibility in build choice, even with the class specific gear restrictions.


Neocore has created a complex combat system with a wide range of guns, swords, and other weapons. Each weapon has 4 skills, one for each Left and Right Mouse Buttons and 2 for skill slots. Skill slots can be assigned any key but come mapped to 1 and 2 by default. Each weapon skill set is unique to that weapon type.

There are automatic rifles and pistols, energy weapons from laser pistols to plasma rifles, sniper rifles, and several more I’ve yet to discover or unlock. The melee weapons are heavily dominated by a variety of swords but also include axes and hammers. The wide selection of weapons coupled with the unique skill sets for each offers a lot of build and play variety.

Even though I started with a sniper and shotgun I couldn’t deny myself the satisfaction of purging my heretical foes with the two-handed sword. The sniper has great impact and a small long range aoe to help cull the weak. The two-handed sword has a incredible long range gap closer which drops you right in the middle of the action.

Not all weapons are best for every enemy and you can’t switch mid mission. You must choose your weapons prior to the mission, so choose wisely. Poor weapon choices can result in a much harder struggle through already challenging missions.

In addition to a myriad of weapon choices to suit your playstyle, there is a grenade slot (mapped to key 3) that can be configured to hold a variety of grenades, mines, and shields. There is a fourth slot that provides a class effect based on the kind of armor you’re wearing.

One aspect of combat that shouldn’t be overlooked is cover. This mechanic has gone through a series of changes over the course of the game and is finally in a state that feels much more natural and intuitive. Cover options provided by the game are still occasionally a little wonky but it’s fluid to tap and hold the spacebar to drop into cover.

Cover doesn’t mitigate all damage, but it does absorb some and increase the chance enemy shots will miss you. Cover is also very important to some play styles and builds. When you’re close to a spot that will provide cover a yellow dot will glow and a simple tap of the spacebar will send your character into cover.

Loot, Crafting, Multiplayer, and the Rest

There is a loot chase and a decent amount of gear does drop, but this isn’t a pinata style game like Torchlight or the Diablo series. You don’t return to your ship in the middle of missions to deconstruct or sell unwanted gear. That only happens at the end of the mission. Gear doesn’t have a lot of exciting effects on it either. Necore should work on making loot a little more interesting. I do look forward to gear improvements at the end of each mission and occasionally a rare weapon will drop with nice stats, but most of the gear isn’t that interesting. It may be a minor bump to power or efficiency, but it never comes with quirky bonuses or skills.

There is a crafting component to the game made up of materials deconstructed from dropped loot, much like Diablo 3. Unlike Diablo 3 the crafting hasn’t been very useful yet. The crafted items are nearly always weaker than dropped gear so the system isn’t as robust as it could be.

In addition to the campaign mode, there are side missions, player versus player, and a very limited multilplayer mode which I’ve not tried yet. Necore plans on dropping a huge content patch on 6/5 which is supposed to change a lot of the game. They’ve also been heavily patching the game over the last month so much of this might already be in game. I’ll find out as I head into the full review after the June 5th wipe and patch.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Steam with a code provided by PR.

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