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Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade Articles

Celebrating the First Year of Community

The Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade team is celebrating the first year of the game's forums and the formation of the best fan community. If you have yet to join up, the team invites you to head to the Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade site, take a look around, and sign up to become part of an awesome community.

Find Out More About Models, Consumables, and Much More

Katie Fleming, Miguel Caron, Brent Ellison, and Patrick Balthazar recently showed off the new Space Marine and Chaos Space Marine models, radar improvements, vehicle controls, grenade arcs, and consumables followed by a Q&A during this week's Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade live stream event. If you missed it, you can check out the video below!

Livestream - Episode 10

Katie Fleming, Miguel Caron, Brent Ellison, and Patrick Balthazar recently showed off the new Space Marine and Chaos Space Marine models, radar improvements, vehicle controls, grenade arcs, and consumables followed by a Q&A! Head to EternalCrusade.com now to Buy Your Founder's Pack! - http://www.eternalcrusade.com (Originally recorded October 10, 2014) Follow us on: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/40kcrusade Twitter: http://twitter.com/40kcrusade Forums: http://forum.eternalcrusa

Big Things to Show Off During This Week's Live Stream

The Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade team has been hard at work and is looking forward to showing off the game's progress during tomorrow's live stream. The show will feature a look at 6v6 gameplay, new Space Marine and Chaos Marine models, new UI elements, a preview of character customization, and much more.

The Downed Man State in EC

In this week's Eternal Crusade column, we are going to talk about two topics that are somewhat inter-related, the role of support classes, and the “downed man” state, in Behaviour's upcoming game.

Livestream - Episode 9 - Production Update

The Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade team has posted the ninth in an ongoing series of live stream videos. Fans are given a production update from the team which then goes on to take questions from the viewers. Check it out!

Livestream - Episode 9

Miguel Caron, Katie Fleming, and Patrick Balthazar recently talked about a Production Update, and ended the show with a Q&A.

Transparency in Action

Back in April-ish, when I started writing about all things Eternal Crusade, I became, very involved in the Eternal Crusade forums. I realized that the community probably far more knowledgeable on the various topics being discussed, and that it might serve me well as a game-journalist (HAH!), to put together a list of people on the forums who were well-spoken, intelligent, able to converse with others of differing opinion.

How the Rogue Trader Store Stacks Up

This week we are going to look at various cash shops around the gaming universe, and how Eternal Crusade’s Rogue Trader Store stacks up in comparison. Remember back in June, Miguel made this post, regarding potential changes to the Rogue Trader Store, but, with the busy summer schedule most game companies keep, we haven’t seen a follow up to the shop just yet. So we thought this might be a good time to look at some other successful game shops, and how they do things.

Hands On with the Pre-Alpha

Redefining “Massive” in a 3rd-person Combat RPG is Behaviour Interactive Studio Head of the online games Miguel Caron’s drum beat. Building a world set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe; making it an open persistent planet that’s officially part of the lore (Arkhona) which can support over a 1000 players in a single battle... this is what Eternal Crusade plans to bring to us in late 2015.

Space Marines - The Emperor's Chosen

This week we wrap up our look at each of the factions of Behaviour's Eternal Crusade with the Emperor's chosen, the Space Marines. Often referred to as Loyalists, to differentiate them from their fallen brethren, the Traitor Chaos Marines, the warriors of the Space Marine Chapters are genetically-enhanced super soldiers bio-engineered by the Emperor to be his shock troops.

Site Updated - 'Patcher Launcher' Included in Notes

The Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade site has been updated to show off its brand new look. In addition, the team has posted a list of all improvements to the site that includes a reference to a "patcher/launcher". Could this be a portent of an upcoming module in the near future?

It's Everything a 40k Fan Could Possibly Want

Meeting Miguel Caron was an absolute pleasure. Though I personally am not into Warhammer 40k, (it’s a bit too dark for my taste) I always take great pleasure in meeting developers who are passionate about the game they’re making and Miguel has enough passion to fuel an entire studio and then some. He was exciting to listen to and even though there wasn’t any hands-on time with the game we still left the meeting excited.

Gameworks Graphics Enhancements Explained

Recently, Behaviour Interactive announced a partnership with Nvidia's GameWorks. In a new post on the Nvidia site, the team behind GameWorks talks a bit about how that might manifest itself in the game.

Wars of Arkhona Official Trailer

Behaviour Interactive has released a new trailer for Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade. Called "Wars of Arkhona", the trailer reveals each of the game's factions and asks who will you play. See what you think and let us know in the comments.