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Warframe's The Duviri Paradox Is Releasing April 26th

The Duviri Paradox, Warframe's highly anticipated and long-awaited update, will finally release this month. This morning, Digital Extremes announced it would be bringing The Duviri Paradox to all platforms on April 26th.

Warframe's Veilbreaker, New Warframe Launching On All Platforms This September

Warframe's upcoming Veilbreaker will be launching in September across all platforms, according to Digital Extremes today in a live stream. Additionally, to celebrate the launch, the 50th Warframe, Styanax, will be free for a limited time when Veilbreaker arrives.

TennoCon 2022 - Warframe's Next Expansion Is Called Veilbreaker, Check Out The Trailer Here

The next expansion to come down the pipeline for Warframe has been revealed today at TennoCon 2022. Players will be reuniting with a fan favorite for Veilbreaker, which is coming soon.

Warframe Teases Upcoming Expansion, The New War, In TennoCon 2021 Trailer

Digital Extremes is setting up this weekend's upcoming TennoCon coming this Saturday, July 17th, in a big way. Viewers will be able to see their first glimpse at the next expansion in Warframe's library, The New War, which will see a world reveal on Twitch at 5pm ET/2pm PT during the event.

Warframe Previews Its Upcoming Spring Content With New Gameplay Trailer

During today's Epic Games Showcase, Digital Extremes launched a new trailer previewing its upcoming Spring 2021 content, including new Railjack battles for the new Warframe, Sevagoth.

New Warframe Devstream Looks at Current State of the Game

A new Warfarme devstream discusses the current state of the game and more.

Warframe Asks: What Would Happen If a Video Game Weapon Really Worked

Digital Extremes and "Who Is the Bald Guy" took to the streets of New York City to find out what would happen if they pranked ordinary folks with Warframe's Opticor. The results are hilarious...particularly when people are told NOT to pull the trigger so, of course, they do!

Warframe: Empyrean | E3 2019 Teaser Trailer

While we won't hear more about Warframe: Empyrean until TennoCon next month, Digital Extremes was on hand during today's PC Gaming Show at E3 2019. In hand is a new teaser trailer that provides a peek into what Tenno can expect in the next content expansion.

Warframe for PC Updated with Operation: Buried Debts

The PC version of Warframe has been updated with Operation: Buried Regrets. New content sends players into a new story that "redefines the cynical deal Nef Anyo holds over the Solaris United Faction". Players will also find a new Warframe called Hildryn with a unique playstyle and "dynamic new visual aesthetic".

What If Your Warframe Tenno Talked From The Beginning? - Part 2 - TheHiveLeader

Will Hive defeat the oddly alluring Vor? Will Ordis ever shut up? There's only one way to find out! This is Part 2 of "What if Your Tenno Talked?" which throws out all lore for the sake of comedy because otherwise this series wouldn't make sense. Just go with it...