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Warframe's The New War Expansion Aims To Set The MMO Up For 2022 And Beyond

Warframe is setting up for one of its most anticipated and ambitious stories yet when The New War releases later this month. After being teased for years, the upcoming content for Digital Extreme's free-to-play MMO will let players step into the shoes of some new characters (in addition to operating as Tenno) to experience the war firsthand. And while The New War unfolds, it sets the stage for 2022 and beyond as Digital Extremes looks to the future of their world post-New War in the years to com

Tennocon 2020: Warframe's Heart of Deimos Reveal

Revealed at Tennocon 2020, Aaron takes you through some of what is coming with Heart of Deimos, Warframe's next major update.

Warframe Devstream Details Future Updates - A Break Down

Aaron dives into the recent Warframe DevStream, breaking down the major announcements and how they might impact Warframe in 2020.

Warframe Empyrean Virtual Tour

Warframe Empyrean is launching and this is what you can expect when it does.

Warframe: Duviri Paradox

It now seems like clockwork for Digital Extremes to come out with a new open world zone each year. This year is no exception, but with a catch. At the end of the 30-minute demo of Empyrean, we got glimpse of where the next open world will take us in Warframe. So far, we only have a short trailer and not much more information. There are a few tidbits from the panels at TennoCon that can shed some light on what to expect for the next open world.

Warframe: Empyrean

Everything is about to change drastically in the next year of updates to Warframe. Grab your ticket to Mars on Elon Musk’s upcoming Space X launch, because Warframe is about to take you and your squad to the next open world. Oh, and you might need to operate the Railjack guns because space is not a relaxing drive.

Warframe: More TennoCon Surprises!

During TennCon 2019, the surprise announcements kept coming in waves during the final live stream of the night. Just announced, both Wukong Prime and Nightwave Series 2 went live tonight on all systems! Typically, there are weeks in between Prime Accesses and the Nightwave Intermission just ended last week.

Warframe: How Fortunate for Fortuna

Fortuna, Warframe’s latest massive open world update, opens with an absolutely breathtaking cinematic musical introduction to the titular underground city. You know that fantastic opening song sung by the ice-harvesters in Frozen? “We All Lift Together” is about as good as any original song you’ll ever hear from a videogame (watch and listen below). What follows, is a story of a people unwilling to give up despite overwhelming odds... and your place as a Tenno to help them find a way to break free from the Corpus rule.

Warframe - Fortuna is coming… Fortuna is coming… FORTUNA!

If you haven’t heard, Fortuna update is coming to Warframe in November. The next major update will bring the second open-world experience to Warframe and it is going to be HUGE.

Fortuna Takes Tennos to Venus, and Railjack Revealed

Last year at TennoCon the community was shocked and excited to finally be able to venture into an open world to shoot, bullet jump, and fly like a ninja without being constrained to a hallway. In 2018, Digital Extremes went all in with creating better open-worlds. Even though the new open-world, The Orb Vallis might appear to be similar to Plain of Eidolon, it has a more refined experience.

With Plains of Eidolon, Warframe is Becoming the MMO We Always Wanted

I was up way too late last night. I usually am but this time it was worth it – I finally got to play Warframe’s Plains of Eidolon expansion for myself and I am most certainly impressed. Cetus and the Plains of Eidolon are a giant leap forward for the game, even if it’s ultimately just the beginning of what promises to be a bold new era for the space ninjas.

PAX West 2017 - Plains of Eidolon Preview

Warframe hosts millions of passionate fans. The best part about building up this community is that you now have a solid game with a great group of players who can communicate and provide feedback to make a much better product over time. Warframe is doing just that. They are planning their most ambitious expansion yet with Plains of Eidolon and players cannot wait to get a taste of the new content.

Everything You Need to Know About Plains of Eidolon and Landscapes

Right now in London, Canada, our own Aaron Couture is at TennoCon: the annual gathering of fandom and devs for the mega-hit F2P online shooter Warframe. During the convention, Digital Extremes unveiled a radical new direction for their game - Landscapes, in the Plains of Eidolon Expansion.

The War Within Goes Deep into Grineer Territory

Yesterday, we got the chance to talk to the team at Warframe about their new update The War Within. This new quest is rich with story, a graphical and enhancement upgrade, and loads of options for weapons. Floating among the asteroids is a massive hidden fortress. This new zone will other players the chance to battle the Grineer deep within their base, a maze of twisting halls and hidden technology.

Archwing Takes the Space Ninjas into Space

Earlier this week, we were treated to a developer livestream with the devs at Digital Extremes to check out the Archwing update. Due later this month, Archwing will literally take the “space ninjas” into space with wings and weapons systems that attach to the Warframes themselves, making the players airborne weapons of death. Read on for our full preview.