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Warframe Update 26 Not Launching This Week, 'But We're Close'

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Warframe’s Update 26 won’t be coming out this week, but they’re close, according to a new blog post an a handy tweet.

The update apparently contains 26 pages of notes, in addition to 23 pages of melee stat changes, and 49 total pages of writing,

A reminder that Kuva Lich and Grendel are arriving with this update, and you can learn more here. The team cites bug tracking and feedback tracking as their immediate plan in order to support the launch of Update 26,

Bug track. Because it’s a mainline, we have to fight fires! The majority of day 1-2 Hotfixes will speak to obvious bugs and issues, major impediments in design, and more. Redtext is already working on their material.  Feedback track. Because so much is changing by design, we want to be clear on how we’re handling your feedback and where we’re reading it. The majority of week 1-2 Hotfixes will speak to feedback. We have all been playing with the current version of Melee for months, the current version of Ember for years, and so on. We want to combine feedback and stats together to iterate. To be a part of the feedback conversation after launch, please be constructive and clear, and most importantly, patient. There’s nothing wrong with first reactions - but relearning takes time. We are especially interested in feedback from players who have taken time to understand The Old Blood. “

You can read the full post here.


Poorna Shankar

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