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Warframe Dev Stream Shares Info on TennoCon 2020 Digital Event

Roadmap for the next few months

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Warframe’s recent dev stream shared details on the digital TennoCon 2020. Here’s what was discussed.

In May, the team is aiming to ship Nightwave Series 3. June will see more Nightwave. The Deadlock Protocol is also scheduled for May. The team is also launching TennoCon 2020 Digital Pack later this month, with the TennoCon 2020 Digital Event happening in July.

The team noted here that when they announced the event was going all-digital, they honestly weren’t sure what to expect. But, having shared the plan for the next few months on stream, it sounds like the team is looking forward to what the event will bring.

Interestingly, a hard mode looks to be in development as well. In essence, you’d you be able to partake in some missions on Hard or even Ultra Hard. Doing so will naturally increase the enemy levels, but by 50 or by 100. Completing these modes will net you superior loot and XP.

Later on, the team looked specifically at a few deluxe versions of Garuda, Ash, and Khora. If you want to watch the full stream, you can do so below:


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