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The Sacrifice and the Future

Aaron Couture | Posted: Jun 22, 2018 11:00 AM
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It’s been over a week since the highly anticipated quest, Sacrifice came out for Warframe. Since the release of Warframe in China in 2015, fans have been waiting for the mysterious Umbra story to come to the west.  For almost three years fans of Warframe have been waiting impatiently to get their hands on Excalibur Umbra and least year at TennoCon Digital Extremes announce Umbra would be coming with a price. What are you willing to sacrifice?

On June 14, 2018, the Sacrifice questline released and with it, Excalibur Umbra. Personally, I have been one of the rabid fans waiting to see what DE was going to do to introduce Umbra to the game. To be honest, the quest simply blew me away and any hype I had for a new Umbra warframe was dwarfed by the amazing quest. Over the past few years De has been delivering some of the best cinematic quests in recent gaming. Since The Second Dream released in December of 2015, DE has been building a strong, engaging story line on what once was an empty shell of a shooter experience. Even though there were quests before The Second Dream like Vor’s Prize, Natah, and various Warframe centric quests, The Second Dream was a powerful story with emotionally charged moments. DE quickly followed up The Second Dream with yet again, one of the most riveting quest I’ve ever played in a video game, The War Within.

The War Within proved The Second Dream was not a one-hit-wonder quest from DE. Even more surprising than the strong storytelling from DE, was the ability to tie in new warframes in to the story like with the quest, Chains of Harrow. Both The War Within and Chains of Harrow built a sense of pain and suffering of the Tenno. For me, Chains of Harrow, The Glast Gambit, and Sacrifice built an emotional bond between the Tenno and the different warframe shells the use to fight. These quest are not for the skittish and at times I found myself holding my breath and turning all the lights on in the house to check under the bed. We expect strong stories from studios like BioWare, Bungie, World of Warcraft, and Hello Kitty Online, but Digital Extremes placed their name at the top of that list with their current epic questline. At the end of each major quest introduced by DE, I’ve felt an emotional connection to the characters and the universe they’ve created. Like any great movie, I finished the Sacrifice wanting more and wondering what will be next for Warframe. I’ve never felt this connected and blown away by a game’s storytelling. Not to mention it is coming from a studio that almost shut down from lack of content, story, and variety in game mechanics. Digital Extremes not only delivers amazing stories in-game, they, themselves are an amazing story worth hearing about.

TennoCon 2018, is on July 7, 2018, and with a major UI overhaul, Sacrifice, Umbra, Limbo Prime, and the new warframe Khora just released, it makes me wonder what major announcement will be in-store for the Warframe fans. We already know the next big open-world area Venus and a new vampire warframe is coming in the future, but what are they hiding for TennoCon?  The Venus update alone is a major undertaking let alone the next chapter in the Warframe major questline. I’m curious to know what you think is coming. Do you think it will be the Sentinel warships we saw at the last TennoCon? Will we see new planets or solar systems? Without spoilers to people that haven’t played Sacrifice on console or PC, do you feel we will see more Umbras or a whole revamp of operator/warframe dynamic like Excalibur Umbra for past warframes?

What do you think and how did you like Sacrifice?

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Aaron Couture