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Saving Time with Free Helper Apps

David Holmes Posted:
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Welcome back to another column of Kinda, Sorta, Maybe a Space NInja! This week we'll be going over a few apps that you can download that can make the time you spend in game more efficient. Because sometimes it's a choice of time versus money and that is a different choice depending on each person.

Ducats or Plat

Ducats or Plat is the first app we'll talk about. It's available on  the google play store. It's a simple little thing that can help you determine if you would be better off selling an item for Ducats or trying to sale it to players for platinum. Some of us who play prefer to spend the time and grind to get items and plat by selling to other players. But there are also those who don't have the time and would rather spend real life money to have plat to buy items either via the in-game market or off other players. This handy little app helps both of those types of players. I would highly recommend this once you get settled in for the long haul of Warframe.


Lootr for Warframe is available on  the google play store. Lootr is made in mind for people who are searching for a certain item in Warframe and need to know where best to go to get it. You enter an item that you want to farm. Say for example relic, ivara or condition overload. Lootr will then look though all the missions, enemies, etc, and give them all a drop chance, then sort them with highest at the top. This drop chance is the average percental chance that a reward/drop from that mission/enemy will be the reward you searched for. If the mission is endless you will also get instructions on when to extract to get the best drop chance.

That's it for this time Space NInjaZ! I hope these help you in your time in Warframe.


David Holmes