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Warframe's Whispers In The Walls Launches On December 13th

Warframe's upcoming expansion, Whispers in the Walls, has a release date. The next chapter in the story crafted by Canadian studio Digital Extremes is coming on December 13th.

Baldur's Gate 3's Neil Newbon and Final Fantasy 16's Ben Starr Feature in Warframe Whispers in the Walls and 1999

Warframe developer Digital Extremes is revealing a few voice actors who might sound familiar as they bring their talents to the upcoming Whispers in the Walls update and Warframe: 1999 expansion.

Warframe Drops Details For Whispers In The Walls, Cross Platform Save - Both Coming In December 2023

During today's Devstream 175, Warframe developer Digital Extremes pulled the veil back on its upcoming update, Whispers in the Walls. The update will be coming sometime in December, as well as the gradual rollout of the much anticipated cross-save feature the team has been working on for a while now.

Warframe: Abyss of Dagath Impressions: A Top Notch Update

The Abyss of Dagath mainline update for Warframe is now live and there's a ton of content to unpack. Kanishka took the new frame and put it and the new content through its paces.

Steve Sinclair Takes Over As CEO Of Warframe Developer Digital Extremes [Updated]

Steve Sinclair, who previously worked as creative director on the studio's flagship MMO, Warframe, is now taking the mantle of CEO of Digital Extremes. This comes after long-time CEO and Founder of Digital Extremes, James Schmalz, steps down from his role.

Warframe Abyss of Dagath Update is Here, With Spooky Warframe, Dagath, Companion Rework, and More

Warframe's Abyss of Dagath update is now live, bringing a fittingly spooky new Warframe to add to your roster. Also in the update are companion reworks, Grendel Prime, the Hydroid rework, and new zone.

Warframe 'Abyss of Dagath' Will Introduce a Faceless 54th Warframe, With Many Helpful Reworks

Digital Extremes revealed "Abyss of Dagath", the next Warframe update that will bring the 54th Warframe, the headless horsewoman Dagath, along with companion immortality and a revamped healing system. 

TennoCon 2023: Warframe Showcases The Future - And The Past - With Major Content Reveals

Digital Extremes hosted its first in-person TennoCon since the pandemic, bringing Warframe players from all over to London, Ontario to celebrate the tenth year of the game. 

TennoCon 2023: Warframe's Cross Save Coming Later This Year While Warframe Mobile Releasing In 2024

TennoCon 2023 saw an update on two of the most anticipated updates to Warframe: cross save and its mobile port.

Wisp Prime Comes to Warframe in Her Gilded Upgrade This Thursday, as TennoCon Draws Closer

Warframe continues a big summer 2023, with TennoCon  on the way in just a few weeks. Digital Extremes has set July 27th as the release date for Wisp Prime, and has a new trailer and more details on her release.

New Warframe TennoCon Details, Including Rewards and Anniversary Giveaways

Digital Extremes is whetting Warframe fans' appetites and detailing some exclusive rewards, giveaways,  and in-game drops for those who tune into the sold-out TennoCon 2023 next month.

Warframe Team Reveals TennoCon Schedule and Summer Events, Including Prime Resurgence Refresh

The Warframe team has revealed TennoCon 2023's panel schedule, along with 10th anniversary special events, and July's big Prime Resurgence refresh.

The Seven Crimes of Kullervo Expands Upon Duviri and Delivers a Tragic Hero as 53rd Warframe

Warframe's next big update, The Seven Crimes of Kullervo, is coming on June 21st. Digital Extremes is not just releasing the 53rd Warframe, Kullervo, they're expanding on Duviri lore and their narrative as well.

Warframe Expands Duviri Content With 'The 7 Crimes of Kullervo' in June

Next month, Warframe will expand on Duviri content with the next update, "The 7 Crimes of Kullervo", adding a new area, new mechanics, and a lore rich 53rd Warframe, Kullervo.

With TennoCon 2023 Tickets Sold Out, Warframe Gets Digital Access Details and a Special Pack

With tickets sold out for the return to in-person TennoCon in August, Warframe gets a digital access pack, details for those who want to watch the event for free, and a few promos and in-game events to lead into the con.