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War Thunder's 'Direct Hit' Update Lands in September

Direct Hit is the next update for the military online action War Thunder and will release in the first half of September. Here are the details.

War Thunder Goes Supersonic in Latest Update

War Thunder has been updated to v1.85 that brings "supersonic aircraft" into the game alongside Italian ground forces, guided air-to-air missiles, new ships, ground vehicles and other aircraft. To showcase some of the new content, Gaijin released a trailer of the first supersonic jet aircraft.

War Thunder Devs Preserving the Stories of WWII in New Video Series

Gaijin Entertainment is preserving some of the ever-fading stories of World War II in a new video series called Thunder Stories: Never in a Hurri. The series is narrated by War Thunder's Bruce Grant, the voice players hear often throughout the game, notably on the Shooting Range.

Attack Helicopters Buzz Their Way Into War Thunder

War Thunder has been updated with The Valkyries patch that brings combat helicopters into the game. Over a dozen aircraft from both the United States and Soviet Union have been added in this first pass at helicopters, with more to come in the future. Players will be able to participate "in combined arms battles with ground vehicles on all difficulty settings".

"Victory is ours"

In October 1941, the German Army Group "Centre" advanced to Moscow. Only after six months of intense fighting was the enemy able to be thrown from the capital. In the fields near Moscow the first major defeat of the German army in World War II occurred against the myth of its invincibility, and in 9th of May 1945, after the Battle of Berlin, Germany signed the capitulation. To commemorate the heroism of all the participants of the Great Patriotic War, we dedicate our new video to them. The so

Unforgotten - T-44 Restoration Project(Part 1)

Award-winning developer and publisher Gaijin Entertainment and the Central Museum of Armoured Vehicles in Kubinka, have announced a dual partnership to fully restore a World War 2 era Soviet T44 tank.

The BATTLE is ON!" Trailer

Gaijin Entertainment is proud to present new CGI-trailer for cross-platform MMO-combat game War Thunder. This video is called War Thunder: Battle is On and encompasses our vision of game, where aircraft, ground vehicles and naval forces are locked in full-scale global action over WW2 theaters of war. The trailer is also devoted to all our players that always fight and never surrender. The battle is on! Site: http://warthunder.com/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/WarThunderEN Facebook: h

Developers Answers: Part 1

The new, regular feature Developers Answers will assist War Thunder players by providing them with answers to numerous questions from the forum and social networking sites, in relation to game mechanics and future development projects.

T-35: A True Land Leviathan

The T-35, which was already briefly tested on the Dev server in War Thunder, is being prepared for release in the one of the content updates in the near future. This heavy machine is being eagerly anticipated and surely will be popular among our tankers in War Thunder, it's armament of two 45-mm and one 76.2-mm main gun will allow players to feel confident in the thick of battle.

Playable on Android Tab with Controller

Thanks to its arrival on the OnLive CloudLift subscription service, War Thunder players can now take on the game via an Android tablet with a Bluetooth controller.