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War Thunder Articles

War Thunder 'Alpha Strike' Update Adding Hungarian Aircraft to the Tech Tree, Anti-Air Weapons, and More

War Thunder's next major update, Alpha Strike, will bring the Hungarian aviation tech tree, and a slew of new vehicles.

'Tis The Season For A War Thunder Tradition - Leaked Military Documents!

If you clicked this War Thunder article, you know what this post is about to tell you, more sensitive military documents were shared in the War Thunder Forums

War Thunder Air Superiority Update Brings New Jets, New Ground Vehicles, Ships, New Map, and More

War Thunder has upgraded the options for your arsenal in the last big update of 2023: Air Superiority. The update adds top jets to a number of nations, with the F-15 and Mirage 4000 among them. Not to be left out, there are new ships, new tanks, new ground vehicles and rank, and dozens of other changes too.

War Thunder Kings of Battle Update Adds New Flexible Map, And Tons of New Vehicles

 War Thunder's Kings of Battle update is here, with new vehicles, new game mechanics, and a brand new map that changes absed on your chosen vehicles.

War Thunder Previews Kings of Battle Update With Trailer and Vehicle Details

War Thunder's big Kings of Battle update is on the way, and Gaijin Entertainment has begun revealing some of what's to come, with a new teaser and details.

War Thunder Gets Hungarian Vehicles, New Map, and More, War Thunder Mobile More Realistic on New  iPhones

War Thunder Mobile will deliver hardware-accelerated ray tracing and more improvements on the brand new Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. Meanwhile, on PC, War Thunder gets its latest major update, with new Hungarian vehicles, a new map, and visual updates.

War Thunder Mobile Has Officially Launched, Will Debut All-New Content and Add More From PC Version

War Thunder Mobile has officially launched on iOS and Android after several rounds of playtesting.

War Thunder Devs Opens Up About How They Are Combating Botting

War Thunder has a bot problem, but what MMO nowadays doesn't? The devs behind the military MMO recently dove into the botting problem, detailing steps its taking to combat it, but also trying to understand just why people bot in the first place.

War Thunder Adds French Jets for Bastille Day and Crossover Event With FPS Atomic Heart

War Thunder has some new aircraft today to celebrate Bastille Day, and a new event that brings the combat robots from FPS Atomic Heart into the game.

War Thunder Devs Revert Economic Changes After Community Feedback and Review Bombing

After the community review bombed War Thunder after economy changes that many felt were too pay to win,the devs have reverted those changes and promised a more transparent process.

War Thunder Mobile Open Beta is Now Available on Android, With iOS To Come

Gaijin Entertainment has launched an open beta for War Thunder Mobile on Android devices, with iOS release planned in the future.

War Thunder 'Sky Guardians' Update Adds Jets, First French Naval Units, Ejection Seats, and New Maps

War Thunder  has added some new jets, new anti-aircraft systems, and the first French naval ships in its latest update. The Sky Guardians update also adds new aviation effects, ejection mechanics, and  more.

War Thunder Apex Predators Update Adds New Maps, and Changes the Air Game

War Thunder has released its big Apex Predators update, with a focus on aircraft, including fourth-generation jets, new content all around, new maps, new vehicles, quest content, and much more. 

War Thunder Apex Predators Update Highlights Aircraft and is Coming This Month

War Thunder has announced 'Apex Predators', the game's big December update to come, featuring three well-known combat jets, and dozens of vehicles overall. The update will add to the potential tactical options.

War Thunder Marks 10th Anniversary With New Content, Events, and Swag

 War Thunder, fresh off its latest Fire and Ice update, is now celebrating its 10th anniversary with some fresh content, including vehicles releases, and events.