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    Triune Studios
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    Q3 2023
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War of Dragnorox Overview

War of Dragnorox is a dynamic warfare MMORPG where our Dungeon Masters will shape the world as you play. It's a dynamic experience that truly gives you that ultimate dungeons and dragons feel. Every single day there are events, quests, resources crafted and harvested, mobs to kill, items to build up, zones to unlock, bosses to fight - all controlled by live Dungeon Masters. Work with your community to push the world forward in the War against Dragnorox and his minions.

Long ago, Dragnorox brought magic into the world of Morgath to seek and control the hearts of all creatures. When his evil plans were discovered, much damage had already been done. Thousands of creatures were warped and twisted to become his servants of evil.

Fighting back against the darkness, Dwarven King Rofmak banned the use of magic and hunted down and executed all of those who had been twisted too far from it's use. Dragnorox and his minions fled in terror and went into hiding in lands far away.

Two centuries later, the evil spawn of Dragnorox has now risen to seek revenge and they return for blood and revenge.


  • A True Dungeon Experience
    Real-life "dungeon masters" are constantly controlling gameplay and elements within the world. No day or dungeon run is the same.
  • Events
    Wars, Carnivals, Holiday Events, Dragon Attacks, Town raids and more! Every day there's new events, quests, and things shaping the world into its own unique story.
  • Discover Rare Treasure and Gear
    Some items exist only one time in the world. No gear rating system, all gear is valuable and based on stats. Everything you earn is from in-game play.
  • Purified MMO
    We believe in the purity of gameplay. No cash shop of any kind exists in War of Dragnorox. Any and all items are 100% earned through in-game play.
  • Explore the World
    Explore over 30 zones with different biomes, dungeons, secrets, unlockable zones, hidden passages, traps, treasure and more - including 19 raids on launch.
  • Highly Immersive
    Enjoy a fully immersive experience. Minimalist UI. No flying damage counters, no distracting UI elements. Player to player trading. First person view choice.
War of Dragnorox Hits Combat Milestones, Deve Prepare to Double Down on Preparing for Alpha

Work on War of Dragnorox is hitting some significant milestones. With the combat overhaul, work on the game's core systems has begun, with the team dedicating themselves to polishing things for alpha.

All Classes in War of Dragnorox Close to Alpha State, and Big Reveals are Planned in the Coming Months

There's a new development update for War of Dragonox. The independent MMORPG is making progress and there are some plans coming together for major reveals in the coming months.