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War of Angels Articles

Enter The Bloody Arena, Get Soaked In Blood (Money)

Neowiz' War of Angels launched its "Bloody Arena" update this past week. Players can log in as of 10/17 and compete in PVP matches for pvp weapons, armor, and "blood money". Groups of three, four, or five combatants can compete against each other in these matches. And two brand new sets of armor and weapons can be bought with the blood money.

Rebirth to a New Game World

War of Angels publisher, Neowiz, has announced that the game is ready to undergo a massive change to bring about a whole new game world when the process is finished. The new world will have new graphics, updated quests, new battlefields and loot.

North American Official Launch!

War of Angels flew into live, North American Official Launch on December 15th, and to celebrate, Neowiz is giving players several new features to go along with the launch!

Neowiz Games Reveals The Ranger

The folks over at Neowiz Games have issued a press release announcing their newest class, The Ranger and its two distinctive specialization paths, The Archer and The Hunter.

Fighter Class Revealed

Neowiz devs have revealed new details about the Fighter class in War of Angels. As the name implies, the Fighter is the in-your-face front line powerhouse that rushes into battle and has the ability to absorb more damage that most.