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    Beijing Zhongqinglongtu Network Technology Co., Ltd
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War of 2012 Overview

War of 2012 is a free-to-play, browser-based strategy MMO from Beijing Zhongqinglongtu Network Technology and Playful Games Holdings. Players begin the game in the Dark Age, with basic city research and development available, and eventually work their way through the game's four different Ages by utilizing battle tactics, strategy, and intelligent city management. As players advance through the different Ages, they can unlock new city styles, heroes, and higher-leveled items.


  • Four Distinct Ages | Progress from the Dark Ages to the Feudal, Castle, and eventually Imperial Ages.
  • Heroes and Crafting | Recruit multiple heroes to fight for you in battle, and craft your own equipment.
  • Auctions | Utilize War of 2012's auctions to trade merchandise and equipment with others.
  • Arenas and Wars | Join forces with your alliance members to fight other players in the Temple Arena, or engage in large-scale Wars.

A First Look

The CAPLAY team has sent over an in-house first look article about its newest free-to-play browser title, War of 2012, and is authored by an unnamed player. It starts with the author talking about his somewhat low expectations about a free to play browser game and then goes on to talk about how his concerns were set aside favorably. Fans of empire building will want to check it out!

Beta Player Interview

The team behind War of 2012 has sent over news about a beta interview featuring one of its top players. The player went into the game, he says, somewhat skeptical given that War of 2012 is a browser-based title. But what he met in game defied his expectations. Check out the interview on the War of 2012 site.