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Wakfu Articles

Wakfu Devs Reworking Much of the Game for December Release

The Wakfu site has been updated with a new developer blog to show off some of the big features that are being retooled for a December release. Nearly every aspect of the game is being reworked to provide easier exploration, better progression, improved monster families, the inclusion of new dungeons, the addition of new and improved equipment, more streamlined questing, revamped UI elements and much more. These improvements will be spread across the game's four main nations.

Hear the Demonic Laughter? You Might After Wakfu's Latest Update

The latest Wakfu update has been deployed to bring The Shadow of Evil on line. Players will be treated to facing off against Shadofang, a new level 200 Ultimate Boss. She is accompanied by the opening of Mount Zinit (Part 1), "a new system to access Haven Worlds" and a series of quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

Mobile RPG, Wakfu Raiders, Announced

Ankama and gumi, Inc. have announced that it will be releasing a mobile RPG based on the popular Wakfu MMO. Called "Wakfu Raiders", the game will be released for both iOS and Android devices later this year.

Join Us for a Special Live Stream Event

Our own Beau Hindman will be hosting a special live stream event with the Wakfu team to journey through the game world. You can check out all the action and grab a chance a special give away at 3:00 pm Eastern / noon Pacific today, Friday, May 15th.

First Half of Isle of Kelba Revamp Deploys Today

Wakfu players will want to check out the Isle of Kelba thanks to today's deployment of the first half of a two-part update to renew the area's graphics. The overhaul more closely aligns the island with the Wakfu anime series on Netflix.

Official Release Date on Steam Arrives for US Players

Wakfu is now officially part of the US Steam family of PC titles as of today, Friday, September 19th. Players that previously had a desktop copy of the game will find updated graphics and a new subscription free experience.

Wakfu - First Impressions

TheHiveLeader gives his first impressions on Wakfu.

Steam Version to Launch September 18th

Ankama has sent word that Wakfu's Steam version will officially kick off on September 18th. Current beta players will not see characters or progress wiped prior to the launch and will be able to continue their adventures afterward. To celebrate the big announcement, potential players can head to the Wakfu Steam page to try at a chance for a limited number of closed beta keys to get started that much earlier.

Updated Version Open Beta Begins

Ankama has announced that the open beta for Wakfu will begin today, Thursday, August 14th. The open beta will last for several weeks with the free to play transition and official release date scheduled for later in August. Players are invited to head to Wakfu's site to get started.

Steam Closed Beta Begins

Ankama has announced that the closed beta for the Steam version of Wakfu has kicked off effective today, Thursday, July 30th. Players taking part in the closed beta will receive a special reward when the game goes into live retail Steam service later this year.

Petsmounts Added As New Feature

Ankama has announced the arrival of petsmounts in Wakfu. Petsmounts are as customizable as pets and can be given an inventory and the ability for players to apply costumes to them. Players will gain access to a "Dragoturkey" via a quest, with others becoming available via the in-game shop.

Crafting Overhaul in the Planning Stages

The Wakfu site has been updated with a blog of interest to crafters. According to the post, the development team has been planning to "dust up" the crafting system in the game and has a number of concept thoughts to bring that to fruition in the near future. One of the most significant changes will see players become "entrepreneurs" and gain control over materials, tools, workers, contracts, and more.

Kickstarter Launches to Fund English Animated Series

Ankama has announced that it has launched a Kickstarter program to bring a translated English language version of the Wakfu animated series to life. The original French version of the series launched in 2008 and has run for fifty-two episodes, with another three specials currently in production.

Combo Pack Giveaway!

MMORPG.com has partnered with Ankama to give away some awesome prizes for Dofus!

Multimen Enter the Fray

Both DOFUS and Wakfu players can take advantage of the latest update and the arrival of "multimen", companions to share the burden of battle with players. In addition, Ankama announced that new holiday events are now available in both games.