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VoidExpanse Articles

Steam Version Launched

Atomic Torch Studio has announced that VoidExpanse, a top-down space exploration RPG, has officially launched on Steam. To celebrate the momentous occasion, a new trailer has been released to entice players into the game. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Release Trailer 2015

VoidExpanse - Release Trailer 2015./app/324260/ Explore the vast reaches of VoidExpanse, mine asteroids, trade with space stations, design and upgrade your ship, complete quests, advance your character, survive fast-paced combat with hostile aliens and mercenaries and explore the many features that make VoidExpanse an exciting Sci-Fi universe.

Space Exploration RPG Set to Launch April 2

With VoidExpanse less than two weeks away from launch, developer AtomicTorch is banging the drum to clue MMO fans into the features its retro-spirited, procedurally-generated mini-MMO.

Build Your Own Galaxy & Your Path to Glory

If you're looking for an open world space Action RPG, look no further, Void Expanse has you covered! Atomic Torch allows you to build your own procedurally generated galaxy and make your own path to glory. What makes Void Expanse fun is that it has a large world for you to explore full of encounters of all sorts. Better yet, it's up to you whether you play alone, with friends, or hundreds of other random people.