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Vindictus Articles

Vindictus Adds Its 19th Hero, Dan-Ah, Wielder of the Soulblade With Events to Celebrate

The latest update to Vindictus adds the long-running game's and 19th hero, the new soul warrior Dan-Ah. To mark her addition, there are also some events to net you a new costume and special leveling bonuses.

Vindictus Receives New Hero Tessa and New Events

MMORPG Vindictus has received a major update adding its 18th playable hero in the lightning fast, rapier-wielding bounty hunter Tessa.

Eira the Void Witch Joins the Ranks in Vindictus

Vindictus is growing again, this time with the arrival of Eira the Void Witch. Eira will be available later today and the team has a number of events planned to celebrate. Most notably, players will be able to level her up and will receive a number of items along the way.

Vindictus Introduces Eira, the Game's Fourteenth Hero

From now through April 28th, Vindictus players can register for a special package in celebration of the game's 14th hero, Eira. The package includes a full armor set, two outfits, a title, an additional elite character slot and other in-game goodies to celebrate "the Void Witch".

Vindictus Twitch Streamers Can Earn an Exclusive In-Game Balloon

Vindictus players who stream the game on Twitch for a total of fifty hours over "30 different days" will earn themselves an exclusive in-game balloon with the Twitch logo on it. There are a number of other requirements including leaving the stream replays on Twitch and more.

Nexon Pulling Out All the Stops for the 8th Anniversary of Vindictus

It's the eighth birthday of Vindictus, Nexons real-time action combat game. Nexon has whipped up a "grand celebration to thank players for their support over the last eight years". Starting today, there will be events going on via the Vindictus social channels as well as opportunities for the community to share their stories with the team. Simply tag #We_Are_Heroes and send along a story for a chance to win a visit from the developers and 10,000 NX.

Miri is a Fiery New Hero That'll 'Roast Players, Not Chestnuts This Season'

Vindictus players will gain a new hero today in the form of Miri, "a powerful character with an ancient connection to the potent dragons of the past". She uses a weapon called Dragonspire and can heat up any location with her fiery abilities.

Twin Chain Blades Cutting Into the Game

Nexon has announced the introduction of a new and deadly Vindictus weapon. Called "Twin Chain Blades", it is a mid-range weapon that combines both ranged and close-combat abilities, razor sharp blades as well as a whip-like cast at enemies.

Season 2 Raids Detailed

The Vindictus site has been updated with new information about raids in Season 2. Rather than spell out the details in writing, the team has created a walkthrough video to help players visualize the new way that the raid system will play out.

Season 2 Incoming

Nexon is ready to unleash Season 2 on Vindictus. The new season will include some juicy updates to content, quests, monsters, battles, features and more. Check out this new trailer to find out more.

Season 2 Video Gives a Sneak Peek at New Content

Nexon has released a new video featuring an inside peek at Vindictus Season 2, the latest game update that features new monsters, maps, bosses and a level increase. Players can now attain 80th level in Vindictus. Enjoy!

Now with Jumping Action

Nexon has revealed that jumping will now be a part of Vindictus and developers have released a new trailer to show off the new character skill. According to provided information, the jump ability will depend on what weapons characters have equipped.

Terrifying New Pets Added

Nexon has announced the addition of terrifying new pets to Vindictus. In this new video, Gremlins are spotlighted. The Gremlin come in three types, the buff colored Tiny Gremlin, which is prone to mindless violence; the purple featured Punk Gremlin which brings a rock-n-roll attitude into fights and the Armor Gremlin, which comes equipped with armor from fallen enemies.

Kai, the Brilliant Archer

Nexon and the Vindictus team are ready to introduce the newest character to the epic action MMO. Little of Kai's past is known for sure, but rumor has it that his motivation to destroy the Fomors comes from the loss of a loved one. Kai is a brilliant archer driven by strong morals and a troubled past. Check out the new video!

Dragons Unleashed

The Vindictus team has sent out an awesome new trailer showing off the new dragons just unleashed in the game. Ice, Earth and Black dragons are raid bosses which provide great rewards for the group that is able to work together to bring them down. Enjoy!