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Hurk - A Hero Full of Rage

MMORPG.com has teamed up with Nexon to bring our users a first look at Hurk, a hero full of rage. We've got exclusive information and a great new Hurk video to share so hop through the link and check it out.

Season 2 Episode 3 Raids

With Season 2, Episode 3 soon to be arriving, Nexon has partnered with MMORPG.com to bring our readers a bit of exclusive information about a pair of raids and raid bosses that players can expect to find. Read on and then leave your thoughts in the comments.

Secrets of the Crystals Detailed

Nexon is getting ready to launch Vindictus Season 2, Episode 3: Secrets of the Crystals. We've teamed up with Nexon to bring our readers an exclusive developer diary with more information about Secrets of the Crystals, including exclusive screens and a brand new trailer. Check it out and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Vella - The Mistress of the Seas Revealed

Nexon has partnered with MMORPG.com to bring our readers the first-ever look at a new character set to enter Vindictus soon. Her name is Vella, the Dominant Mistress of the Seas. We've got her story, an exclusive video and screenshot to introduce Vella to the world. Read on!

Strategy Report - Kai the Archer

Nexon has teamed up with MMORPG.com to bring our readers and exclusive Vindictus Strategy Report that centers around one of the game's newer characters, Kai the Archer. Jonathan Redaja, Vindictus Lead QA/GM Supervisor at Nexon America has all the best tips around. Keep reading!