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New Beta Screens

To celebrate the announcement that open beta testing will begin on October 13th, the Vindictus team has released eight new screenshots to whet your appetite. There are two pieces of character artwork and six in-game screens that you won't want to miss. Check them all out in our Vindictus gallery.

Open Beta on October 13th

Folks not included in the closed beta will be happy to hear that Nexon has announced that the open beta for Vindictus will begin on October 13th. Early access beta testers will also be happy to note that there will be no server wipe and that all characters, levels and items will be retained.

3000 More Keys!

The first 2000 keys we got for the Vindictus beta did not make it through the night, so we have gotten another 3000 keys to give out to our fine community. Get yours while you can!

Early Access to Open Beta Keys!

Nexon America and MMORPG are proud to announce that they will provide keys to players for the next round of beta for Vindictus. The Vindictus "Early Access to Open Beta" will start Sept. 15 and run through Oct. 6, giving players a preview of some of the elegantly brutal content that will be revealed at Open Beta.

Next Beta Phase Coming September 15

Nexon has announced that the next round of beta testing for Vindictus will begin on September 15th. Players who participated in the first round of testing will continue in the second and will be given two beta keys to hand out to friends. Unlike most beta tests, players participating in the closed beta will not see their characters wiped when the game goes live so no progress or items will be lost.

Official Site Launched

There's been a lot of buzz about Nexon's Vindictus, a physics based MMO currently in development. As the closed beta nears, Nexon has let us know that the official Vindictus site has launched and is packed with all sorts of information, media, announcements, developer profiles, forums and more.

Lann Character Trailer

Nexon America has released this latest video for the upcoming high-action MMORPG Vindictus. The video introduces us to Lann, a dual-wielding warrior perfect for those of you who want to whirlwind around the battlefield leaving corpses strewn along your path.

Playable at Comic Con

Vindictus fans attending this weekend's San Diego Comic Con will be happy to hear that they will be able to get their hands on a playable demo of the physics-based MMO coming soon from Nexon.

Exclusive Screens

Nexon America has sent MMORPG.com a fresh batch of ten exclusive screenshots for your pleasure. Several of the screens feature a wicked looking and rather LARGE spider. The screens also show off the full body battle animations of Vindictus.

Official E3 Demo Video

Nexon made their first appearance at E3 this year and brought along a trio of their most popular or most looked-forward to games, including Vindictus, which was playable to anyone on the show floor. Check out the official E3 demo for Vindictus in this latest video from Nexon.

Nexon Announces Hands-On Demo at E3

Nexon announced today that Vindictus (along with Dragon Nest and Dungeon Fighter Online) will be playable at this year's E3.

New Exclusive Screenshots

The folks from Vindictus have provided us with these three exclusive screenshots of one of the game's boss monsters.

Blogger Details Raids (with Video!)

Steparu of Steparu.com has provided fans eager to get their hands on Vindictus a little something to chew on while they wait for it to come stateside in the form of a preview detailing the game's various raids (nine in all) and includes video of each one.

New Exclusive Screenshots

The folks from Nexon's upcoming MMORPG, Vindictus have provided us with these three new, exclusive screens.

Mabinogi: Heroes "AIDAN" Update Trailer; New Screenshots

Vindictus' Korean counterpart, Mabinogi: Heroes, has been in Korean hands for some time now. Check out this latest trailer for the upcoming "AIDAN" update to give yourself an idea of what you may be seeing in Vindictus down the line!