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Titanic Shift Update Preview

The Vindictus development team has posted a preview of the upcoming Titanic Shift update scheduled for deployment on April 20th. Titanic Shift will bring the largest raid boss in the game with only the most advanced and strongest warriors able to take him down. The update also brings the Labyrinth online, updates to Evie's staff and the dock system overhaul.

Episode 6 Now Live

The Vindictus team has announced that Episode 6 is now live across all servers. The new update brings new content in the town of Rocheste, PVP Duel Mode, the Expertise crafting system, character transformations, an increased Level Cap (level 70), new dungeons and bosses and more.

Nexon Donates $1.2 Million to Japan Relief

Nexon has announced that it has donated 100 million Yen, the equivalent of $1.2 million US dollars, to assist in relief efforts in disaster-torn Japan. In addition, Nexon announced that all of its games will feature special in-game items. When purchased, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to relief agencies in Japan.

v1.20 The Lost Artifact

Vindictus servers have been updated with the latest chapter, The Lost Artifact. The update brings new content and skill changes and two new armor sets to the game as well as a level cap increase to 60.

Shadowed by Darkness Trailer

Nexon and the Vindictus team have released a new video featuring a look at the Blood Lord, new items that are now live in the item shop and some interesting football gear in preparations for this weekend's playoff games. These special items will be available through February 8th.

The Blood Lord

Nexon and the Vindictus dev team have released a video featuring a new raid boss, The Blood Lord. The Blood Lord is the most challenging raid boss to come to Vindictus so far according to devs. Up to six mercenaries can join together to face him, but bringing him to submission will be difficult.

Holiday Cheer Comes to Vindictus!

The Vindictus team is happy to announce the addition of holiday content to the game just in time for the holidays. A fearsome new raid boss, festive holiday decorations, snowball fights, winter themed Inner Armor and much more are now available!

Episode 4 Debuts

Nexon America and the Vindictus team have released a brand new video from Episode 4 which features new dungeons and a level cap increase. The two new high level dungeons, Prairie Entrance and Ruins of Sanctity, open up a world filled with Gnolls, deadly spiders and evil toads, as well as new boss monsters to defeat.

Double XP Event

Nexon and the Vindictus team have a double XP event going on right now. From today through December 3rd, players are being awarded double experience to enable them to level faster to see high-end content.

Episode 4 Coming in December

Nexon has announced that Vindictus Episode 4 will be introduced into the game in early December. The new content will feature two brand new dungeons, Prairie Entrance and the Ruins of Sanctity, that will bring Gnolls to the world. Episode 4 will also include several new bosses: Goliath, Dim Gray, Warchief Black Scar and Giant Spider.

Nexon Cleans Up at Korean Game Awards

At the recent Korean G-Star convention, Vindictus was awarded the "Grand Prize," a Presidential Award, and six other awards at the 2010 Korea Game Awards. Nexon also announced that MapleStory DS won the 'Excellence Award' and 'Popular Game Award' in the PC/Video Game category. Dungeon and Fighter: Slayer won the 'Excellence Award' in the Mobile Game category.

The Way Out Trailer

Nexon and the Vindictus dev team have launched another trailer called "The Way Out". The new trailer has been specifically designed to show off the game's incredible physics based combat. Check it out!

Officially Launched

Nexon has announced that Vindictus has been officially released. Developers call Vindictus the first true physics-based action MMO on the market today. The game uses a modified version of Valve's Source Engine to enable some impressive physics including hurling objects and monsters as well as grappling and armor degradation over time.

The Fall Fear Festival

Vindictus players have a host of spooky in-game events in which to participate from now through November 20th. Called the "Fall Fear Festival", players can achieve a pair of holiday-specific titles including "Trick or Treat" and "Mashing Pumpkins". From player reports, it's been determined that attacking flying pumpkins are also found in most dungeons throughout the Vindictus universe.

Is Forced Grouping Fun?

In his latest entry into the MMORPG.com Staff Blog, Bill Murphy talks about his experiences in the Vindictus Early Access beta. While Bill has played much of the game (so far) alone, there was a point in time where being in a group was necessary. Find out what Bill thought of the 'forced grouping' situation into which he was put. Let us know your thoughts on the forums.