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Vindictus Articles

New EU Update Introduces Monsters that Suck

Vindictus EU has been updated with a new patch that brings a pair of sucking monsters into the game. The Succubus and Glas Ghaibheleann raid bosses are now live in Vindictus EU.

Giant Raid Boss Update: The Armies of Colhen

Vindictus players will want to check into the game for the latest update. Called The Armies of Colhen, the new update features a 24-player raid featuring three brand new bosses to conquer: the Ravenous Queen and her giant spiders, Stribog the polar bear, and Elchulus, one very angry red dragon.

PvP Arrives with Crimson Blades Update

Vindictus players can now take one another on with the arrival of the latest game update. PvP is included in the Crimson Blades patch which includes three forms of PvP action.

New Trailer Shows Off Thor, Teases Karok

The Vindictus EU team has sent out a new trailer showing off the massive Thor. Thor is simply massive...a snapping turtle-esque creature with frightening jaws. At the end, however, the trailer teases the arrival of a mighty warrior, a playable character coming to the game soon.

'Song of Doom' Trailer Released

Nexon recently deployed the 'Song of Doom' update to Vindictus live servers, kicking off this year's Halloween festivities and introducing a bevy of new content to the game.

Song of Doom Released

Vindictus players have a new update to explore with the arrival of the Song of Doom patch. Among new features and quests to discover, the team has also added Halloween events.

Evie Enters the Fray in EU Retail Release

Nexon EU has announced that several new features have been added to Vindictus including the Evie playable character.

EU Pre Launch Now Available

Vindictus EU players can now get a start on playing the action RPG from Nexon with the pre-launch of the game in full swing.

EU Closed Beta Starting September 15th

Nexon has announced that the EU version of Vindictus will launch its closed beta phase of development on September 15th. Interested EU players will want to head to the Vindictus site to sign up for closed beta access.

Introducing Itself to EU Players

Nexon EU has released its official Gamescom trailer for Vindictus. Vindictus is scheduled to be released in the EU later this year. Check it out!

EU Site Appears

European fans of Nexon's Vindictus will be happy to learn that a teaser site specific to the region has debuted. Vindictus is scheduled to be released in Europe later this fall. To celebrate the new site, the dev team has released a new trailer.

Episode 8, Part 2 "Unveiling the Truth" to Launch in August

The Vindictus team is pleased to announce that the next episode for the game; episode 8 part 2, "Unveiling the Truth", will be launching on August 3rd.

Karok Update Arrives

Nexon has deployed the latest Vindictus update that brings a new pain bringer into the game. Called "Karok", he is a specialist in the delivery of pain to those who choose to take him on. The update also removes tokens by popular demand. The decision allows players to enjoy the game as long as they wish without incurring any cost.

EU Launch in Q4

British site, Electronic Theatre, has confirmed that Vindictus is scheduled to launch in Europe sometime during Quarter 4 2011. SungJin Kim, CEO of Nexon Europe apologized to EU fans for the game's delay but indicated that things are 'back on track' for a Q4 release.

Titanic Shift Live

Nexon developers have announced that the Vindictus update, Titanic Shift, is now live. The update brings a new (and HUGE) raid boss into the game as well as a revamped fighting style for Evie and her staff. The dock system has been overhauled and players now have the option of purchasing permanent inner armor and hairstyles.