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Villagers and Heroes Articles

Villagers and Heroes Releases All-New Expansion

Developer Mad Otter Games announced the latest expansion to their free to play MMORPG, Villagers and Heroes, is now live, via a press release today.

Villagers & Heroes: A Tale of Earth & Sea Expansion will Introduce the Shaman Class

When Villagers & Heroes is updated with its next expansion, A Tale of Earth & Sea, it will come with the all-new Shaman class. Players can also look forward to "other unexpected new features and compelling gameplay additions" that are expected to push "the largest MMO on mobile to an entirely new level".

Villagers & Heroes Servers Back Online After Recent Cybersecurity Attack

After a recent cybersecurity attack, Mad Otter Games took Villagers & Heroes servers offline for extensive maintenance and updates. After over two weeks offline, servers are now back up and running. To compensate players for "lost time", developers are handing out a number of in-game shop items to all who have logged in 2019. This includes XP boosts, "faster garden and animal growth rates, quicker gathering and crafting and more".

Villagers & Heroes Team Reassures Players that Data is Safe & Secure

On February 14th, Mad Otter Games issued a statement to let its community know that a hacker had "acquired access to game servers". In a new note, the team reassured its community that all player data is backed up and will be restored in the near future. In addition, players are assured that "player names, addresses, payment or other credit card information, passwords and other personal information were NOT compromised in this security incident".

Villagers & Heroes to Expand with the Wrath of the Black Thrush

Mad Otter Games has announced that Villagers & Heroes will be expanding with the addition of the Wrath of the Black Thrush when it launches on September 24th. Wrath of the Black Thrush contains new areas to explore and new quality of life improvements to "promote ease of use and immersion" for mobile users.

Wellspring Expansion Launches with New Customization Options

The Villagers & Heroes team has sent word that the Wellspring content expansion has officially launched. Players can look forward to a number of new features that broaden the customization options for villages and the ability to work on community projects to improve their villages. This includes construction of new facilities that provide support for crafting activities.

Take Your MMO On the Road Thanks to Today's iOS Release

If you're looking for an MMO on the go, today's a good day for you with the release of Villagers & Heroes for iOS devices. Mad Otter Games has created a new server for iOS players and anyone else who is ready to jump into the game across all platforms (Android, iOS, PC).

iOS Launch Date Announced for February 26th

If you've been looking for an MMORPG to play on the go with your iOS device, we have good news: Villagers & Heroes will be launching on the App Store on February 26th. This also, of course, features cross-platform play with Android devices as well as players on PC.

Halloween Arrives Filled with 'Fiendish Tricks, Treats and Ghoulish Creatures'

Villagers & Heroes has been updated for the first time since the launch of the Starfall expansion. The new patch brings the Halloween event into the game that sees the return of The Haunted Moors themed zone along with some brand new holiday features.

Starfall Expansion Lands for Players Worldwide

Mad Otter Games has announced that Villagers and Heroes has been updated with the Starfall content expansion. Players will enjoy a host of new content, a higher level cap, feature tweaks and enhancements as well as new zones and revamped loot and leveling systems.

Starfall Expansion to Launch on  September 27th

Mad Otter Games has announced that the Villagers & Heroes expansion, Starfall, will be released on September 27th. Starfall brings a number of big improvements and new features into the game. Most notably, players will find a level cap increase, new zones, an overhauled loot system, a new leveling experience with new talent trees / feats, a new world map, mobile performance improvements and much more.

Starfall Expansion to Ship with 4 New Zones, 3 Post-Launch

Villagers and Heroes fans are looking forward to the Starfall expansion. At launch, Starfall will feature four brand new zones to adventure through, each packed with quests, monsters and loot to collect. After the launch of Starfall, three more zones will be released to provide even more content for players to explore.

Systems Reworked for Starfall Expansion

Villagers & Heroes is getting a "massive" update later this year across all platforms (PC, Mac, mobile) with the deployment of the Starfall expansion. Mad Otter Games has said that nearly every system in the game has been revamped including the loot system, crafting, classes, UI improvements, a new world map, and bug fixes.

New Website to Reveal Game Revamps Over Time

The Villagers & Heroes site has been relaunched to prepare the community for upcoming information about how the game's core systems have been reworked for the Starfall expansion. The community can participate in various challenges including creating fan art or writing fan stories. As challenges are met, a "Star Light" indicator will begin to fill. Once full, something new will be revealed and rewards will be handed out.

Massive Mobile Giveaway!

MMORPG.com has partnered with Mad Otter Games on an insane giveaway for free-to-play MMO, Villagers & Heroes. In celebration of the game's launch on Android, we're giving away a prize package worth 3,000 Crowns ($150 in value).