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    Unity 3D
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Vikings: War of Clans Overview

Vikings: War of Clans is a free-to-play MMO real-time strategy game, developed and published by Plarium.

CLAN STRUGGLE. The North is a dour land where brave Jarls fight for their place under the cold and ruthless sun. One Viking is worth a hundred warriors, yet even such mighty heroes need allies. You can win the support of other Jarls by joining a Clan or creating one of your own, thus beginning the trial by fire where hundreds of Clans unite thousands of Jarls to fight for the right to call themselves the best and the worthiest warlords in the world. All crave this power and are blinded by this longing, but only the most enduring will reach the summit, winning great riches and eternal glory!


  • TOWN
    You, a stranger from distant lands, did not stoop to slaughter but mercifully saved the Town from destruction. Alas, its elders have perished at the hands of traitors. Now the Town needs the firm hand of a wise ruler in order to prosper once again and to withstand new invasions. Praise the gods, you agreed to be the Jarl. Now you will follow this path towards honor and glory. The townsfolk are hardened northerners, they do not fear hard work and are ready to follow your lead. Construct buildings, train warriors, send your Heroes on raids - be a mighty Jarl whose name is known to the entire world!
    The path of a Jarl is thorny and arduous, even the most experienced and powerful rulers sometimes need advice. The Oracle harkened to your supplication and shared its sacred Knowledge to ease your burden. Study it diligently and you will be able to increase the might of your Town and your army in order to vanquish all foes. True power lies not only in vast armies, but in sound decisions. Remember that Knowledge can be as sharp as any sword, if wielded correctly.
    Building an unassailable Town, creating an army, guarding your land from enemy invasion - all this requires Resources, and the more the better. You should work hard and construct Resource buildings to get all you need. Lumber is produced in the Lumber Mill, Stone in the Stone Quarry, Iron in the Mine, and Food comes from the Farm. Upgrade your facilities and Resources will pour in! However, a wise Jarl always has several sources of wealth, so be sure to send your troops to raid other lands. Don’t forget to win some allies and join a Clan. When you’re in need, a convoy from your friend may come in handy. Remember, the prosperity of your Town is a matter of your honor as Jarl