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World of Warships - Soviet Battleships Set Sail

Suzie Ford Posted:
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World of Warships - Soviet Battleships Set Sail

World of Warships players will have a new bunch of battleships to try out with the arrival of the Soviet fleet as it sets sail out of early access. Players will find a number of battleships to choose from and have the chance to receive one by opening a number of containers.

Ships of the new branch are effective at close to medium ranges. Compared with same-type rivals, the new battleships are notable for:

  • Good firing accuracy at medium range (at long range, however, the shell dispersion ellipse will be noticeably larger compared with other ships of the same type).
  • Reliable armor, especially efficient against high-explosive shells, allows these ships to approach the enemy at a convenient combat range and lose less HP in the process.
  • Distinctive settings for the Damage Control Party consumable: the ships have limited charges, but their cooldown time is remarkably shorter compared to battleships of other nations.
  • Strong armor at the ships' ends makes it possible to take less damage when closing in on a hostile ship at an acute angle.

The update also includes Ranked Season 12, optimized loading times, tweaks to a number of aircraft carriers, the new Greece map, retooled map features, improvements to a number of port environments, armory updates, balance tweaks and more.

Check out the update notes on the World of Warships site.


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