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World of Warships Receives Dutch Cruisers in Early Access

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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World of Warships Receives Dutch Cruisers in Early Access

World of Warships has received Dutch Cruisers which you can find available in Early Access. Read on to find out how you can command them on the high seas.

Update 0.10.6 adds the Dutch Tier IV-IX cruisers in Early Access which feature high caliber firepower, rock solid armor at high tiers and great maneuverability, but a short firing range. The Tier IV ships come equipped with the brand-new type Airstrike armament. These are based on real world examples of the low altitude bombing principle, which will allow you to call in aircraft and have it bombard the specified area with HE bombs.

Additionally, AI controlled aircraft will have a maximum operating distance of 10–13 km. Moreover, they won’t be able to spot enemy craft. However, the aircraft will be highly effective against low-mobility targets such as battleships and large cruisers.

If you want to check out these newly added Dutch cruisers, complete combat mission groups and earn a new temporary resource – Dutch Tokens. The same resource will be available in free daily bundles, random bundles for doubloons, and in bundles for community tokens.

Check out the update video above, and check out the full update notes here. World of Warships continues to expand and add features. Just last month, American battleships hit World of Warships Legends, while German destroyers were added to the base game just earlier.


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