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World of Warcraft Players Upset With Trading Post Grind As New Trailer Heralds February 1st Launch

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World of Warcraft Players Upset With Trading Post Grind As New Trailer Heralds February 1st Launch

World of Warcraft's Trading Post is coming next week, opening up on February 1st. Blizzard doesn't want players to forget this, and as such has released a new trailer all about the new feature.

The new trading post acts as a battle-pass style track that allows players to earn an in-game currency (Trader's Tender) to unlock Transmog cosmetics, pets, mounts and more. The Posts are set up in the Alliance and Horde capitals of Stormwind and Orgrimmar, respectively, and players will be able to check out what the month's offerings are before spending any Tender. This currency is earned just by logging in each month, as well as completing your Traveler's Log.

Some of Transmog options, however, have been met with criticism thanks to the work of dataminers. Cosmetics such as the Sun and Moon Night Elf Warden cosmetic outfits have come to light, as well as the requirements to unlock them in the Trading Post. The outfit in question requires players to earn the Special Reward from the Trading Post 12 times to earn the cosmetic, which means it'll be an entire year at least before anyone obtains the Transmog.

Naturally, while MMO players are used to a grind, a year-long grind before a reward is, to be blunt, needlessly excessive. And players have let that displeasure be known since the data was revealed (thanks WoWHead).

Either way, Blizzard doesn't want you to forget this kicks off next week, and have released a trailer heralding the new feature in ahead of its release. You can check it out in the embed above.

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