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World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore Players Are Dying On Average Every 1.5 Seconds

Almost Three Million Characters Lost In Hardcore So Far

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World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore Players Are Dying On Average Every 1.5 Seconds

World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore players are furiously trying to avoid the permadeath, but almost three million characters have left Azeroth, never to return in the course of its life since launching this summer.

In a new video by the World of Warcraft team, Blizzard highlighted the ten deadliest things in Azeroth that have turned humble adventurers into spooky ghosts. According to the developer, almost three million characters (2,961,039 permadeaths to be exact) have been killed, never to return to Azeroth in this life, a stat that boils down to a character death every 1.5 seconds. That...that's a lot of killing. 

Who is doing the killing? Blizzard broke down the ten most popular (if that is the right word for this type of list) causes of death in Classic Hardcore, from the Kobold Tunneler who has claimed over 28 thousand character lives, drowning (over 33 thousand characters who didn't come up for air), and more. Surprisingly, being killed by another player is only number 7 on this list, with players taking each other out 34,894 times since World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore launched. This lower number is likely due to PvP being disabled by default on WoW Classic Hardcore servers, but it was still surprising to see it only claim the 7th spot.

You can check out the full video to see where the monster (or bout with misadventure) that killed you landed on the full list. Personally, the idea of even rolling a WoW Classic Hardcore character fills me with unneeded anxiety, but it's fun to watch other players take on the challenge, especially when they accomplish something like a world-first clear of a massive raid.

World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore is available now with a World of Warcraft subscription. 


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