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World of Tanks Brings Warhammer 40K Tanks To The Fight In Latest Crossover Event

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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World of Tanks Brings Warhammer 40K Tanks To The Fight In Latest Crossover Event

A cosmic conflict is taking over the battlefields of World of Tanks Modern Armor, as a new crossover event brings tanks inspired by the Warhammer 40K universe to the fray.

The new event, which kicks off on May 2nd and runs through June 6th, sees five new tanks, two new 3D Hero Commanders and six new standard commanders join the fight. More than just a simple reskin of tanks also, with over 330 voice lines being added to World of Tanks Modern Armor for Commanders Volusad Thassius and Patricia Laserian from the Warhammer universe to root the event more squarely in the sci-fi legendarium.

The real meat here are the five new tanks blasting onto the battlefield in all their Chaos and Orkish glory including the Teefbreaka light tank, the Nemesis Tank Destroyer, the Ingis Purgatio medium tank, while consoles will get the exclusive Leman Russ heavy tank to pilot. 

The event itself runs for over a month starting on May 2nd, but players can check out an upcoming live stream from the World of Tanks devs tomorrow at 3pm ET/12pm PT on the World of Tanks Twitch and YouTube channels to learn more.


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