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Waylanders Receives Romance in Latest Update Ahead of November Launch

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Waylanders Receives Romance in Latest Update Ahead of November Launch

If you’ve been playing Waylanders and have been wondering when you’d get to snog other characters, rejoice! The latest update lets you get hot and heavy with romances.

With this latest update, you’ll be able to pursue one of ten different romances with ten of the characters who appear through the game. These romances include Amergin, Berath, Delba, Heraklios, Brigg, Khaldun, Mal, Nazhedja, Lugaid, and Tiana.

However, keep in mind you’ll only be able to pursue the Act 1 portion of each romance. This is because, of course, Waylanders is in Early Access. But worry not. You can look forward to more content content coming after the game launches with the Medieval era included.

Speaking of launch, feast your eyes below on the launch trailer. In short, Waylanders is set to launch this November 16.

Alongside the romance update, Waylanders is receiving more than 60 achievements, 50+ new 50 new weapons and armor. You can also look forward to additional lore entries in the codex for characters, locations, story, and more.

Since it released into Early Access last year, it’s received a slew of updates including new companions, a Winter roadmap, and a new location in Compostella. You can check out our Early Access impressions here.


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