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Warframe's The Duviri Paradox Is Releasing April 26th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Warframe's The Duviri Paradox Is Releasing April 26th

The Duviri Paradox, Warframe's highly anticipated and long-awaited update, will finally release this month. This morning, Digital Extremes announced it would be bringing The Duviri Paradox to all platforms on April 26th.

We've known the general release window of April since last month, but the Canadian developer made it official this morning with a new cinematic trailer showcasing the mind of Dominus Thrax, the mind behind The Duviri Paradox. In this new, Void-wrecked world, players take the role of the Drifter as he explores the world, with the environment changing based on the mood of Dominus Thrax himself reflecting his mood spirals: Sorrow, Anger, Envy, Fear, and Joy.

The new world introduces a unique environment, as well as new mechanics inspired by roguelikes that brings what Digital Extremes calls a "new approach to storytelling, accessibility, and design."

Via this morning's press release:

"The Duviri Paradox introduces players to Warframe’s fourth open world- a fractured and Void-wrecked unknown comprised of strange floating islands and ruled by Dominus Thrax where environments color shift and transpose as his mood Spirals through Fear, Anger, Joy, Envy, and Sorrow. Each mood in The Duviri Paradox is visually distinct in environments and combat, where enemies and the citizens of Duviri react and behave differently and colors alter to create a new experience with each step into Duviri. The update improves the Drifter experience for players by including an upgraded melee combat system, and adding Intrinsics for players to upgrade their Combat, Riding Abilities, Opportunity, and Endurance. As players progress through the story each day, they will also unlock Decrees offering randomized powerful upgrades that will reset with each new mood Spiral. "

The Duviri Paradox will be available to new and old Warframe players alike from the start as well. New players can simply choose to start in the world of Dominus Thrax from the outset, while returning players can select the new world from their Codex and Star Chart.

We first previewed The Duviri Paradox back in 2019, so to say that this expansion update has been long awaited is an understatement. First revealed back at TennoCon 2019, with the first real gameplay reveal happening at TennoCon 2022, the team at Digital Extremes has been working on the new roguelike-inspired update since then, so it's fantastic for Warframe players to finally know when they can explore the world of Dominus Thrax for themselves. 


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