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Warframe Teases Upcoming Expansion, The New War, In TennoCon 2021 Trailer

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Warframe Teases Upcoming Expansion, The New War, In TennoCon 2021 Trailer

Digital Extremes is setting up this weekend's upcoming TennoCon coming this Saturday, July 17th, in a big way. Viewers will be able to see their first glimpse at the next expansion in Warframe's library, The New War, which will see a world reveal on Twitch at 5pm ET/2pm PT during the event.

Warframe fans will remember that The New War was actually originall first revealed back in 2018, setting up the expansion years ago for players. In the press release this morning, Chief Operating Officer Sheldon Carter is calling the reveal on Saturday a "special moment" for Digital Extemes and players alike.

"As most players know by now, we’re bringing The New War back to TennoCon! It’s going to be a special moment for all of us, as it’s been a while since we first discussed this expansion with players. We truly hope Tenno will enjoy a day dedicated to them and the memorable experiences we’ve shared together in Warframe."

Digital Extremes released a trailer today to tease the gameplay reveal of The New War, and while the details themselves are scant, the trailer does provide a small glimpse into what could be the setting as well as overall tone of the upcoming expansion. 

You can tune into Warframe's upcoming expansion reveal on Twitch this Saturday. This expansion has been one the team at DE has been building up to for years, and the team is doing what they can to support the reveal by including an in-game preview event according to Rebecca Ford, Live Operations and Community Director at Digital Extremes says in the same release.

"We’ve spent a lot of time talking about The New War on Devstreams and at past TennoCons. We’ve shown cinematics, added in-game messages and lead ups, and now the wait is over… we are so excited to finally provide some answers and give everyone a small piece of what’s to come with The New War. We’re thankful for the patience of our players and we look forward to seeing their reactions to some of our big reveals in the chat. Their support creates this event, it gives players all over the world the opportunity to celebrate together each and every year. And this year, we have a special in-game preview event that players will appreciate."

TennoCon 2021 kicks off on Twitch at 12:30pm ET and runs through the day. Viewers can take part in a live Q&A, as well as watch pre-recorded panels with the art and sound teams of Warframe. The event culminates in the reveal of The New War during TennoLive, which will see Rebecca Ford joined by guests Steve Sinclair, Sheldon Carter and more to talk about what is next for Warframe

During TennoCon players will be able to earn Drops on Twitch from viewing, as well experience TennoLive Relay in-game during the event for what Digital Extremes is calling a "front-row seat to an immersive cinematic experience." Players who take part will earn the Tannukai Longsword Skin and Tannukai Armor Set.


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