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Warframe Previews Its Upcoming Spring Content With New Gameplay Trailer

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Warframe Previews Its Upcoming Spring Content With New Gameplay Trailer

During today's Epic Games Showcase, Digital Extremes launched a new trailer for Warframe, previewing its upcoming Spring 2021 content, including new Railjack battles for the new Warframe, Sevagoth.

The trailer, with is just about a minute long, highlights some of the upcoming events Tennos can look forward to in Digital Extremes' MMO. Star Days, which is Warframe's version of Valentine's Day kicks off today and runs through February 24th, giving players the chance to earn "majestic wings and colorful ephemera" for their frames. Additionally, Lunar New Year celebrations kick off on February 16th and run through March 5th, bringing new alert rewards and bundles for players to grab.

Octavia Prime is coming to all platforms on February 23rd, bringing the musically-inclined Warframe to players across PC and console. You can check out the stylish Warframe in the trailer embedded above. 

Finally, the first major update of 2021, Call of the Tempestarii was previewed with the announcement of new Railjack space battles to take part in, as well as a new quest to unlock the MMO's latest Warframe, Sevagoth. We previously covered the ghostly Warframe last month, which you can check out here

You can check out the full announcement in the trailer embedded above. Warframe is free to play on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. 


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