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Warcraft Dev Moves On While We Go To Valhalla | MMORPG's Quick 5

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Warcraft Dev Moves On While We Go To Valhalla | MMORPG's Quick 5

This week saw a flurry of stories, capped off with a 13-year World of Warcraft game designer leaving Blizzard, citing unhappiness over the state of the game. Here is MMORPG's Quick 5 for the week of November 20th, 2020.

In other news, Guild Wars 2 saw its Champions update hit, continuing the Icebrood Saga in the venerable MMORPG. We previewed the content this week, with Robin looking forward to the rest of the content in the update. Additionally, Pantheon Pre-Alpha testers have something to look forward to, as detailed by a new Producer's Letter for the Crowdfunded MMO. Pre-alpha will take place on December 5th-6th, but chosen  testers will have to claim their time slots if selected.

Elder Scrolls Online has made the decision not to support the ARM-based Macs, citing the challenges to port over as massive a game as ESO to the new platform. 

Finally, our Assassin's Creed Valhalla review is live. After almost 70 hours of story, exploration and failing at stealth, we really enjoyed our time in Viking-age England. While not perfect, the open-world RPG from Ubisoft is a triumph of the series in our opinion. Be sure to read our full review for all the details.


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