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War Thunder Goes Supersonic in Latest Update

Suzie Ford Posted:
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War Thunder Goes Supersonic in Latest Update

War Thunder has been updated to v1.85 that brings "supersonic aircraft" into the game alongside Italian ground forces, guided air-to-air missiles, new ships, ground vehicles and other aircraft. To showcase some of the new content, Gaijin released a trailer of the first supersonic jet aircraft. 

With Update 1.85, Aviation in War Thunder has seen the dawn of a new era of air combat. The game’s previous five ranks of aircraft have been extended by the new top Rank VI, which will house several new near- and supersonic aircraft armed with guided air-to-air missiles. The first modern jet fighters to join War Thunder will be the American F-100D Super Sabre, the British Gloster Javelin Mk 9 and the Soviet MiG-19PT. Combat at supersonic speed will be subject to War Thunder’s realistic physics model, allowing players to observe the cone-shaped vapor cloud and those on the ground to hear the characteristic “sonic boom”.

Learn more on the War Thunder site.


Suzie Ford

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