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War Selection RTS Teaser Trailer

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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War Selection RTS Teaser Trailer

War Selection is an upcoming RTS game from Glyph Worlds. Pitting 62 players against each other, players race to determine which civilization is best.

Releasing through Steam, players will fight in massive battles featuring up to 62 players at one, leading their civilizations from the Stone Age through the Modern Industrial ages. 

Key Features:

  • Tons of Units and Buildings - more than 100 different buildings and 200 different land and sea unites at your disposal
  • Customize your culture - Choose which culture you'll align with as you advance through the ages beginning with the Stone Age. Each culture, such as European or Asian, will provide distinct civilization bonuses and disadvantages versus the other cultures. 
  • Massive Multiplayer wars - Over 62 players in a single match can lead to total war for your civilization as you fight to expand with your neighbors.
  • Varied Modes and Competitive Styles - Play against players, fight in free-for-alls, team battles or a massive battle royale.



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