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War of Dragnorox Changes Its Name To Eternal Tombs, Drops New Teaser Trailer

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War of Dragnorox Changes Its Name To Eternal Tombs, Drops New Teaser Trailer

War of Dragnorox, the indie MMORPG by Triune Studios, announced today it has changed its name to reflect a redesign of its combat systems. Now known as Eternal Tombs, the developers have dropped a new teaser trailer to celebrate the change.

Eternal Tombs (the MMORPG formerly known as War of Dragnorox) is an indie MMO that is billed as a "dynamic warfare MMORPG" shaped by Dungeon Masters as people play. Set in a dynamic world where live "dungeon masters" control gameplay, Eternal Tombs aimed at bringing a slower, tab targeting-based combat system to the MMORPG, reminiscent of old school MMORPGs.

However, in a post on the MMO's Discord, the team stated that it ended up making combat feel "arduous and boring."

"War of Dragnorox started out as a tab targeted based game that featured slow moving combat, very similar to games of the past. As we continued in our development, we discovered that without having that nostalgic feeling of a game we've played for 20+ years, the combat was just incredibly arduous and boring."

As a result of this realization, the team took a look at multiple combat styles to rectify the issue, stating that they eventually came up with something "incredibly fun and totally unique." However, the team felt that this fundamental shift in gameplay needed to be reflected with a name change to help solidify the difference between the MMO as it stands now and its original iteration.

"We took an incredibly hard look internally and started revamping everything. We tried multiple different styles of systems and ultimately came up with something that is incredibly fun and totally unique. It’s quite a bit different and a name change was needed to establish the difference. In addition, internally we honestly always had mixed feelings on the name."

As such, the team is celebrating the change to Eternal Tombs with a new teaser trailer that also shows that new combat system in motion. It looks like a third-person style action combat system mixed with a skill bar (a reminds a bit of The Elder Scrolls Online ever so slightly, if I'm honest). Hopefully we see more details about the combat changes and exactly what makes it "totally unique" in upcoming dev blogs. The trailer does tease a "full game reveal" next month, so hopefully that answers any lingering questions about the makeup of the MMORPG potential players might have.

You can check out the trailer in the embed above.


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